Feb 10, 2014


 Happy Halloween!
Tis a wonderfully colorful time of the year
Lillian the Domestic Engineer

Minnie Mouse Costume
This year I have risen to the challenge and enjoyed the process of creating Mickey and Minnie Mouse costumes for one of my Sons and his Lady friend.
I was thrilled with the end results and happy to successfully work within the budget.
Less than 15.00 for each costume went into purchasing the materials needed... the blood, sweat and tears in the labor were lovingly provided for free.

After unsuccessfully scouring our local second hands stores for the perfect red fabric , I turned to the Dollar store next door in hopes of purchasing a red fabric table cloth. There instead, I found the perfect red fabric in a  beautiful fleece blanket (which nicely lent itself to the overall animated effect of costume)
At 3.00 a piece and being as good as yardage (in that I am not fiddling around with say a dress to recover the fabric) I purchased two blankets and with great glee headed home to get started!

Minnie's skirt would be cut from one blanket and Mickey's pants from the other.
I cut and stitched Minnie's skirt according to the Simplicity Pattern instructions that I used.
The new belt was purchased 2nd hand .
 The gloves are made as per instructions on Mickey Mouse Costume Post
and the white hearts have all been hand cut from white felt and applied with Speed Sew Adhesive to the finished skirt.
Minnie's Blouse Yolk picks up on the hearts and because they were Adult costumes I also gave Mickey a "Heart On" on his butt!
 Minnie's ears are made as per instructions on Making Mickey Mouse Costume Post.
I attached her ears to a furry headband that I found in the .75 bargain bin that had originally sported a different set of ears. I carefully cut off the other ears before stitching Minnie's directly onto the fuzzy band.
 I hand stitched the three layers of her ears together with a gold metallic thread and attached the mini bow
directly to the headband.
Minnie Mouse Costume
Minnie's darling Bag and Ears!

   In the same bin at the Bargain Store 
where I found Mickey Mouses yellow Booty felt,
 I discovered this darling Bag! For a whole 3.00 It was just too good to be true.

   Assemble the yoke pieces

Minnie Mouse Costume. DIY
The pearl pendant, complete with mini black bow was found hiding in my treasure box of broken bits. It really was the perfect fit for finishing the yoke. 

I found the little Mickey Mouse Earrings in the second hand store for a dollar and simply painted the stained surface with a copper Metallic Paint.
Minnie Mouse Costume Blouse Yoke

After holding out in hopes of finding or possibly borrowing a Crinoline Skirt, I finally had to set about
Making a Crinoline Skirt.

Minnie Mouse Costume
Minnie Mouse  Bag and Ears!
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