Apr 19, 2019

Blue Jeans Baby!

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Mar 9, 2019

Paper flowers Magnets

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Feb 10, 2019

Take Time

This is a close up shot of one of the many beautiful Iris's that grew in the flower bed next to the Tiger Lillies.
The flowers grew right under my nose.
 I planted them there so that I would see the beauty of their full colorful display as I passed by in the process of coming and going from the front door of the house. 
Somehow in spite of myself and my own good intentions, I would often blindly pass the flower beds while stuck in my head. I was just too busy to see.

Said the Domestic Engineer to herself
Schedule ME time into my every day- 
Remind myself on a regular basis!

 I pulled into the driveway at home and shut off the car.
 I lay my head forward to rest it on the steering wheel but for a moment
 because a moment too long might find me sleeping at the wheel.
Twas the end of a very busy day and the start of an even busier evening.

 I was tired. I was hungry. I was ornery.
I sighed as I lifted my head from the wheel.
I had to march on. Time limits are real.

I loaded up my body with grocery bags and soldiered towards the house.
I suddenly became acutely aware of the warm, breeze that blew.
I was overcome with the warmth of the sun beaming on my face.
I was awed by the vision of color radiating at my feet.

I stopped in my tracks.

This was my reminder that "Me time" matters.
Put down the groceries girl.  You gotta get at it!

 I knelt down beside the Irises.
Their beauty overwhelmed me.
 The moment captured me.
 I captured the memory..

Jul 27, 2016

Baby Booties

     Oh Baby
These booties are beauties.
   Baby Booties 

I  had a beautiful piece of wool melton cloth nicely folded and sitting on my sewing table for the good part of a year.  
I would glance at it every once in awhile and on occasion would give the top surface fold a stroke with my the inside of my hand.
It was rich, warm and soft to touch. 

I knew that over the course of passing time I would find a project that fit the fabric. All I had to do was recognize it when I saw it!

In the meantime and in between that time
one of my Sons stopped by with a couple pair of jeans that were desperately in need of repair. 
As always he needed them as soon as I could get to them!

I did manage to repair the jeans just before my sewing machine
started to run out of time. - literally.

 The timing was out and the bobbin case was not rotating properly underneath so when the needle went down to stitch
 it was instead striking the metal bobbin case and bending the needle.
After several attempts to repair it myself I finally relented and took it in.  

I would end up being without my machine for three months!! 

SO..I would hand stitch.
Search  bar
Needle, thread, fabric...

Baby Booties popped up.
Lillian the Domestic Engineer 
I liked this patter in particular because it was only 2 pieces.
I knew the moment I saw the pattern that the melton cloth was meant to be made into booties. 
The gorgeous grey was ideal for the outer booty
and the soft, regal red felt a dream for the inside liner. 

Although the booties I viewed had been sewn by machine 
with right sides together and then turned good side out, I chose to 
work with the pattern by hand stitching and using the fabric good side out.

I used a blanket stitch around the booties, sewing together the outer and inner layer of the booties at top and bottom with a contrasting embroidery thread.

The flowers pieces are individually cut from assorted felt pieces and are then stitched together and sewed onto the booties.
I have also used the flowers to distinguish between right and left booty. The flowers should be worn on the outside of the foot.

   I used a single, hand held hole punch to make the holes
 and then added the laces of red ribbon.

Lillian-The Domestic Engineer
Baby beautiful Booties

I was so excited with the results of the first pair of booties
that I chose to cut the entire meter of melton cloth into baby booties!
              I made 24 pairs! 
              One size only. Fits baby to six months.
            This may vary slightly according to the age, size and frame of the little bundle that will wear them.
                   I know that a pair was purchased for an 11 months old girl. The booties fit perfectly!
                                                               $24.00 pair
                               Canadian Funds. Shipping extra.
                                                                                   PayPal or E Transfer

Feb 21, 2016

3D Calendar

 I had a lot of fun with this project. 
 Nothing too perfect but perfectly timed.

I was asked TO create a 3D Advent Calendar. 
The request was accompanied with this deadline plea...
"Be really good to get that by the weekend Mom. Thanks. I Love You"

24 little boxes into which he could put as many little presents 
 I smiled at the romance of such a thoughtful gift idea.  I grinned happily at the fact that this great guy is my Son. I giggled nervously as I gazed into the future.
  I proceeded with joy and anticipation.
 I enjoy the art of crafting and the challenge of producing the same for a song!

I used a total of 3 different cardboard boxes to complete the 3D Advent calendar project.
 The strongest box with the thickest cardboard was used as the base box. I used the flaps from the other boxes to create the dividers and strips from the sides of the cardboard boxes to create the lids.
The project was completed in several 3 hour time slots. 

Craft an Advent Calendar

  The finished box is  
  approx.10 x16 inches
 There are 24 little gift boxes.
 The Advent Calendar is approx 4 inches deep.

3D Advent Calendar

 I found the perfect size cardboard box for the base of this project. 

I cut off the top of the box and spray painted the base with a black spray. 
After drying I used a hot glue gun to attach the wide ribbon to the lower outside of the cardboard box. 
The ribbon folds over and is also glued onto the bottom.

 Because of the time restraints on this request, I was somewhat limited to the amount of "finishing" that could/would  be accomplished on the advent calendar. Had I more time, I would have taken the time to finish the top edge of each little box with possibly, glitter glue, a thin ribbon hot glued onto the top, a bead of metallic fabric paint?? 
Additionally I would have also spray painted the inside of the little gift box. Possibly making each a different color of each? 

  I cut 3 strips of cardboard from the side of several sturdy boxes 
  each 4 inches deep x 16 inches long.
Use a hot glue gun to attach the separator strips to the sides and the bottom of the base box. I glued the 3 strips evenly apart in the base creating 4 even width spaces 16 inches long.. 

I varied the size of the boxes by staggering the strips 
that I then glued within each16 inch length. 

I  needed to have 24 boxes so
I created 4 boxes across and six boxes down.

Make it. Lillian the Domestic Engineer Blog
The inside of the box could be spray
painted at this point.

Pipe cleaners are used to create a ledge for each lid to sit down and on to.
Preform the pipe cleaner for each gift box and affix using a strip of hot glue.
I staggered the lid depths by gluing the pipe cleaner lower into some of the gift boxes. Others were glued at the very top rim of the box creating gift boxes deep enough to hold the 3 inch plastic bottle with lid that was inserted into the box below.

Too Cute Cardboard


    Lid Top Lifters
   Be creative. 
  Select any variety of colors and sizes for your lid toppers.
  Do ensure that the item used is durable enough to pull the lid from the box 
  and that you use sufficient hot glue to attach the lid lifters to the cardboard lid.... buttons, balls, bells, stones??
  As it is, if this box was to be upset the lids may come off and the gifts could fall out. 
   A wee dab of white glue could be tipped down onto two sides of the pipe cleaner
   after the gifts have been inserted into their respective gift box 
   and once you are ready to seal the calendar.

Craft an Advent Calendar

A cardboard lid could be made to fit over the entire box
and a large ribbon tied around the outside. 
Imagine the delight of opening a present that then offers 24 little gifts.

This would be a lovely new Mommy gift. Taking it day by day!
Soothers, teethers, breast pads, socks, earrings, bibs, affirmations.......
 Great memory gift for any senior. How Sweet it was. Pictures and candy are great routes to memories
. Correlate the number of boxes with the days of the month and make marking every day memorable for the recipient!

We are only limited by our imagination. If you can dream it you can do it.
Happy Crafting!


Feb 20, 2016



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