Feb 10, 2014


Happy Halloween DIY
Make your own Mickey Mouse Costume.
Mickey Mouse Costume
DIY Mickey@Lillian the Domestic Engineer
Shake yer BOOTIES Mickey!
These little booties are a whole lot easier to make than they look.
I worked from the pieces of a Simplicity Pattern for a bear costume that I bought some time ago.
I managed to find the exact amount of fabric, in the perfect color at the bottom of a Halloween Bin at the local Salvation Army for 0.75!
 This entire costume came together in bits and pieces as though it were meant to be. I am thrilled with the results. It was a joy to sew with this red color. It is bright, happy and easy to see...black is as I come to know a whole different story. Mood lighting, aging and stitching just don't work well.

Cut 2 yellow booty pieces and sew with right sides together at back seam and front foot. (as shown below)

Make Mickey boots
                  Then fold the upper ankle edge to the inside about 1/2 inch. Press in place.
                      Lay a 1 inch strip of quilted fabric around the  top of booty
                    just below the folded fabric line, as indicated by the black band above.

Then fold the top inch of yellow fabric (with the finished edge)over the batting. Pin and Hand stitch in place.

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                              Turn the booty right sides out and roll down the top if desired.
                               Stitch a 4-6 inch length of elastic to one side of booty bottom.
                           Stretch across sole of shoe and stitch to other side of bottom. Cut off any excess.

                            Gotta Hand it to you Mickey! 
 Mickey and Minnie have only four fingers on each hand.
Cut the gloves middle finger slightly larger to accommodate both the ring and the index finger.
Using the glove pattern (that you have drawn out larger than your hand) cut four pieces from white material for the 2 outer gloves. Cut out on outside of line and stitch together on the drawn line.
Sew right sides together. Trim seams around fingers and turn glove right side out.

Also cut four hands from a quilted fabric. Cut on the line and stitch together 1/4 inch inside the drawn line.
Sew with right side together. Do not turn inside out when stitched. This glove will  be inserted into the slightly larger white outer glove.

Mickey Mouse Gloves

                                        Outer Glove               Pattern               Inner  Glove


Mickey Gloves DIY
                        Insert the liner gloves into the outer gloves. Stitch together at cuff.
                   Make a cuff by folding the glove over and hand stitching at wrist area.
Mickey Mouse Costume
                                        Finally draw the animation marks on the gloves.
                                         I used a thin black sharpie.
                                        Make sure to put them on the right side of the glove.

 I purchased the black hat at the dollar store. 
To ensure that the ears would stand up I inserted a strip of thin foam into the hat, to stitch the ears to.
The ears are created with a circle of the blue foam sandwiched between 2 black circles of fabric.
The three layers are hand stitched together before attaching to the hat and the felt strip.

Mickey Mouse Bow Tie
                                                               Bow Ties are easy. 
      Cut out 2 rectangles and sew right side together,  leaving a 1 inch slit opening to invert.
            Turn Bow Tie  right sides out. Stuff gently with quilt batting if desired.
              Cut a 1/2 inch wide by 2 inch long piece of fabric to wrap around center of tie. 
            Stitch or glue the wrap in place. Stitch or attach Bow Tie to outfit with safety pin.

                                               Polymer Clay to the rescue!
  I had originally cut the buttons from the blue foam and covered them in the same cotton I used for the gloves. After attaching them to the pants I wasn't thrilled with the results so I removed them and went back to the drawing board.
After much contemplation and careful scrutiny of my craft drawers, I came up with the Polymer clay.
I rolled out the Polymer into the oval shape, used a seam ripper to make the stitching marks around the buttons outer edges, poked the holes in for stitching and finally baked the buttons.
 They are just perfect and really make the pants originally authentic! (in my humble opinion!)
    The pants were fashioned from a Simplicity pattern for Men's Boxers.
  I added the length as needed and cinched the pants in at the calf area for overall effect.
Mickey Mouse Costume
Handmade Polymer Mickey Mouse Costume Buttons

Mickey Mouse Pants +Costume

Make Mickey 's Bow Tie + Costume

Trick Happy and Treat Safe!
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