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Crafting with Polymer

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 I work with my hands
 through my soul at creating myself.
I speak in many mediums and in every color

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Polymer Clay Earrings

As the familiar dough ball warms in the palm of my hand,
I am moved to play..
Adding a second color of clay,
moves the polymer to play!
With so much to make in Polymer Clay
I move you to play!
there are a million Polymer pieces waiting to be baked!

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Cards to make

 Cane Card


 Goodness Gracious
Great Balls of Clay
Polymer Key Chains here
 Need a Brain Workout Today?

Great Balls of Clay! HERE
  Get a book and a few blocks of clay today!

May your Polymer Clay inspire the gift of Imagination.
Now Ear this  Click HERE
I was first introduced to this marvelous medium in the early 80's at the East Cultural Center in Vancouver, BC, as a Circle Craft Co-Op Member where I showed my Hand Bound Books for many years.
Another Crafter there at that time was creating  miniature food products; everything from pizza earrings to Oreo zipper pulls, Pea Pod pins and Broccoli Brooches all made from Polymer Clay.
She called herself Edibaubles and the process entrapped me.

I raced out to purchase a few blocks of Fimo Dough and at first feel
I knew there would be no denying myself, I kneaded the stuff!

Polymer Pendants
Really effective results can be obtained by pressing your favorite stamp (or portion thereof) into Polymer Clay. Acrylic Paint can then be "washed" into the grooves of the impression. With a dry cloth gently wipe any excess paint off the top surface of the piece (before baking.)
Don't forget to put a hole in your Art if you want to wear it around your neck.

Polymer Pendant
     The beauty of versatility

Rubber Stamped Polymer Necklace

Polymer Pendants HERE
Each unique in their own design, BEADS can be rolled, twisted, mushed, and mastered out of almost anything. The satisfaction of then stringing the Beads into a work of Art to be worn never goes out of style.
Beads you can make
Well I'll be Jeweled. CLICK HERE for more
Polymer  Clay
I just can't say enough about this great stuff.
and can never  make enough of this caning stuff!


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                                    Play, Play Polymer Clay
I would certainly not profess to being a Pro in the production of Polymer Clay Canes but I would say that the making of Polymer Clay Canes can be a production!
Above is some of my collection of Polymer Clay Canes and below are the results of my favorite thing to do with them.

Polymer Clay Key Chain Canes
                                    More POLYMER PLAY

These Beautiful Bowls
 are created from the slices of Polymer Canes!
Polymer Clay Cane and Balls

 I form these bowls directly onto little Nappy Bowls
(The "form" must be glass as it will be baked at 275)
Polymer Clay Cane BOWLS

Polymer Play  Click for more

Lillian the Domestic Engineer
Polymer Clay Cane Earrings

 I just can't say enough about this wonderful stuff... 

Click above to read more
  Engage your imagination!!
Leather Brooch
There is no right and no wrong way to Originality.
If you can dream it, you CAN Do IT! 
Look around. Think outside of the box.. Incorporate Polymer Clay, Polymer Clay Canes, broken jewelry bits, leather, fun plastic, dollar store finds, beads, fabric paint, feathers, pom poms...and whatever else you may happen to find lying around. literally into Jewelry! I have crafted wire beads from colored wire found on the ground and incorporated broken, run over bits of jewels found into pieces I have worn.


 A Gift for my Sister
A wonderful application for the "Effects" of  Polymer Clay.
The White Polymer used in her dress and wings had both a Translucent and a Glitter Effects to it.
The Red Polymer in the Flowers also had a Glitter Effect.
The Angel was free formed and then mounted onto the frame (an up-cycled Candle Holder)


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