Dec 24, 2013

Sugar Cube House

Raising the roof
One Cube at a time.
 Create a

A sweet twist on the
traditional Gingerbread House

Christmas Sugar Cube House

Cereal was used to create the sod surrounding the castle, coke candy balls create the column top at front and the turrets at top. The wreath on the right, the Soldier in the front and the Snowman on the top are all miniature wooden ornaments that I cut the hanging string off of.

Lillian the Domestic

The Sugar Cube House is a great Family project. Fun for all age. No more crumbling, cracking or breaking gingerbread.
The Santa that can be seen inside the front door was cut from a card of seasons past and pasted onto the foam core wall before being installed.
Sugar Cube House
Foam Core or other hard cardboard for bottom base.
Sugar Cubes.
Royal Icing
I make and then store the Royal Icing in little baggies. The corner of the baggie can be clipped for use and squeezed out as needed. Don't make the hole too big.
  The Royal Icing will harden if it is not re-sealed so make sure to put the opened baggie into another that can be sealed until needed again.

 Royal Icing
  Beat 3 egg whites till fluffy. Gradually add about 700 grams of icing sugar. Mix to a smooth finish and divide into baggies.

Sugar Cube House

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