Dec 23, 2013

Check it out

Lillian the Domestic Engineer
 It's always inspirational to flip through the pages..
   BOOK yourself time out today!
Trying to decide whether to purchase that book?
  CHECK it OUT first and see.

Call for it and pick it up at your Local Library

It is FREE in many Cities and Towns to obtain a Library Card. The best investment you could make in time today.

 Become a PATRON at your local Library.

 It is almost unimaginable what you can search for,

watch, read, request and receive all at your local Library!

The Online Resources are Extraordinary!

 An Alberta Library Card holder can access a combined catalog of over 170 libraries

with holdings of nearly 3 million books, DVDs and other material!

You can borrow and return to any Alberta Library.

Libraries really are a whole lot more than they used to be!

Summer Program

 TS Summer Reading Program INFO HERE
This is a wonderful Free Program that runs at most Libraries over the Summer, encouraging youngsters to enjoy reading. Check it out!

My involvement HERE

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