Nov 25, 2013

Look what you can make from toilet rolls

 You'll never see an empty toilet tissue roll the same way again
These Marvelous Marionettes 
are just one of a multitude of magical things that
you can make with empty toilet rolls.

Toilet Roll Crafts

Toilet roll craft

These Marionettes were created using empty toilet paper rolls, acrylic paint, fish line, feathers, black wool and a little extra patience.

 They evolved over the duration of a day into these two little characters that danced and dangled their way into the hearts of many! 

 Detailed instructions for constructing the Marionettes can be found in a wonderful Book I discovered at our local Library.

 Look what you can make from hundreds of household items.  

Originally published in 1998. Dewey #745.54

Check it out today.
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This book is filled with clever and ingenious uses for Boxes, Paper Bags, Tubes, Paper Plates, Egg Cartons, Craft Sticks, Newspapers and Magazines and finally Plastic Bottles and Tubs.
Check for it at your local Library today.

Toilet Roll Crafts

..more at the end of the roll

How totally terrific and wonderfully appealing

Not to mention Ingenious. 

This is the awesome effect of placing slices of empty toilet tube rolls into a pleasing shape on the wall!
These flowers are a simple sample.
Elaborate patterns can be created by increasing the number of flowers used.

I also created individual flowers from toilet rolls that I spray painted silver, strung on fish line and hung from the ceiling. 
They all dangled delightfully!

 I hung a total of about 40 flowers from the ceiling. 
They really were beautiful in all of their simplicity. 
I'm sorry I did not capturing a photographic memory to share with you here. They were used in a public display that has long since gone away.

I used one toilet roll slice for a center circle and then with a tip of glue, attached the petal slices all the way around the outside, pinching them gently in place so as to create the oval effect of the petals. 
Make sure to cut the slices all approximately the same width.
The flowers could also be spray painted prior to hanging,
 matching them to your color scheme.

Craft On! More HERE

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