Nov 23, 2013

In the land of Dependent Opportunities!

  March has been a full of opportunity...
 Lillian the Domestic Engineer

 I am fearfully excited 
 at the prospects 
 of the confines
 of a new found freedom.....
 paid employment!

My employers of many years
have informed me that their aging maturity
 provides for me new opportunity..
the chance to grow independently.

 I have been lovingly "Let Go".. 
     Mom we are no longer babies, you know!

I am no longer the Mother of necessity
and yet more needed than I'll ever be... 

I am no longer as vigilant as I once had to be
and yet see more than I've ever seen...     

I am no longer as smart as I once was
and yet wiser than I'll ever be!  

Everybody's been happy living At Ease.. 
doing as they like, exactly when they please. 
 Taking for granted that the things that get done
are forever and willingly undertaken
 by dear OLD Mom!

Brawn, beauty and brains

I'm expecting a little re-arranging... 
in the duties of tradition
 I AM looking to go to work after all
 and not on a vacation!

I'm standing at the door of my Liberation, 
a time I've imagined filled with great Celebration....
Facing the future, I see the past in my way...
 dirty dishes on the counter of an unfinished day.
Shoes in the entrance and coats on the floor
but in the name of opportunity
I make my way to the door! 

Bring it on, I'm ready 
or should I say 
I'm as ready as I'll ever be.

And then the telephone rang in on my reality.
 It was my future employer calling to say that they've had an office shuffle and won't be hiring today.
"I feel really bad" she said.
"I understand" I replied. 
" I'll call you if anything changes"" she offered
"Thanks" I finished, I'll now hang up and cry.

I failed to secure my real world opportunity, 
they are not hiring anybody!

There I stood in my brand new shoes, sporting a new jacket 
and a new hairdo. My fancy pants were pressed and my shirt was too and the color in my earrings matched both my vest and my shoes..
All dressed up and no place to go!

  Facing the facts of an altered reality
 I catch a glimpse of myself looking back at me. 
In the mirror by the door to my fantasy
out where fresh air and opportunity beckon me.
I see opportunity not working for me?
The reflection of the person that was off to see
is not the same person now staring back at me.

ME the Queen of Domesticity
now clearly seeing the reality...
Who, oh who could ever replace me here
in the land of (dependent) opportunities!

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