Nov 25, 2013

Play On Road Hockey Tournament

Play On Road Hockey Tournament

This Tournament comes with the territory!

PLAY ON...Sons
Getting the team dressed
Sew it was that these jerseys were purchased ready made
for Hand Painting the Names but many a hand made marvels are mastered from the beginnings of good yardage!
With the choice of fabulous Fabrics at affordable prices and the easy availability of so many Patterns there are so many reasons to start.
A stitch in time saves 9!
From creating Christmas Ornaments to scaring up the latest in team fashion or Halloween Costuming..
 From setting the table with homemade napkins to trimming the Tree with a home made skirt, the joys of stitching is a hobby to be yearned.
SEW, what are you waiting for?
Clearance and Closeout Fabrics Something!

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Trailer Park Boys
Only from the Love of a Mother!
Play On Summer Road Hockey Tournament
I recently took on dressing the team
for the second annual 
Play On
Summer Road Hockey Tournament..

Trailer Park Boys
                                  were a huge hit!                              

Sunnyvale Jersey
 Needless to say the cost of which were awful hard to beat.
For the price of a Thank You Mom and a "SWEET"
 their request for Team Jerseys a week prior to Face Off got me out of my seat.
 I was happily and most certainly up to the challenge of a creative accomplishment, no matter my current list of things to do.  
 I find myself often looking for things to work at creatively. The monotony of the day to day drills of just living to eat and eating to spill can certainly be a  little uninspiring needless to say.
Frustrating and occasionally even depressing, if you will.
A creative accomplishment of whatever it may be, becomes a  physical, something to see. Something ventured, something gained! 
Each of the boys bought themselves a jersey and I hand painted lettering on the front and the back of at least 8 jerseys.
The second time round, I completed the addition of another 4 jerseys and another new/used helmet.
I masked off the parts I didn't want colored with tape and paper before spraying the blue spray paint.
After drying for 24 hours I masked off the blue areas and spray painted the white.
The helmet from last year which featured a 3 D cheese burger had mysteriously disappeared the year before!

                The Old+ the New 
Sunnyvale Cheese Burger Helmet


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