Nov 25, 2013

Paper Mache The Super Bowl

               Paper Mache'
Paper Mache Bowl
NEED: Newspaper strips, magazine strip pics and words, Paste, Paint, Acrylic Spray...Imagination

The paste is made like you make gravy.
 Mix 3 parts water with 1 part flour. Shake content in a lidded container until smooth. 
Pour into pot on medium heat and stir continuously until mixture thickens to that of a yogurt like consistency. 
Remove from heat.
Pour into container and let cool. Mixture will thicken as it cools.
Not necessary to let it cool completely as the feel of  the warm paste in your hands is actually sort of soothing!

The bowl is formed by applying pasted paper strips directly onto the outside of an upside down, stainless steel bowl. 

I lightly oil the bowl to aide in removing the Paper Mache Bowl from the form once it has dried
 but you can also use several layers of cellophane wrap instead 
( make them slightly larger and longer than the bowl so the ends can be used as handles to aide in the removal of the bowl from form. )
 At least 10 layers of newspaper (applied over the course of 2 days) were layered on to create the bowl. 
I work in every and any direction with the paper strips but do take time to ensure that all edges and rims are smooth.
 I have used colored and printed word strips, cut from magazines as a final finish with wonderful results.
 Cut out words, quotes or sayings and simply paste them onto your project.

Lillian the Domestic
  The heart handles on the either side of the bowl were formed by bunching a sheet of newspaper into a ball
 and then applying pasted strips over the ball itself, using long strips to paste the ball onto the bowl.
 When wet enough with paste
, the paper can be molded into all kinds of shapes. I made the handles into heart shapes.
After drying for several days the bowl was then carefully removed from the bowl form and the edges were finished with several more strips of pasted paper to ensure a smooth finish and additional reinforcment around the rim. 
After drying for another day, I then applied an acrylic paint to decorate and finally sprayed the bowl with an acrylic spray.

 The bowl is very sturdy but should not be used to serve food.
 Do not submerged in water. 
 I created the bowl for my Niece and her Fiances/ Engagement party which was held on the same Sunday as the Super Bowl that year.

I aptly named the gift The Super Bowl.

 The bowl was stuffed with super things for self and home. 
A group of us individually purchased items for inclusion in the Super Bowl. 
We included love notes and little antidotes, football novelty items and crafty kitchen gadgets, we had candles and scents and chocolates and mints and a whole lot of love in that bowl. 

It was wrapped into a couple full sheet of clear cellophane, bunched at the top and tied with a huge bow.

We enjoyed the party in the garden and the great conversations that stemmed from each and every item they pulled from the basket...

 There is really something to be said for gifting from the heart.

Get your hands dirty all in the name of fun.

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Lillian the Domestic

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