Nov 23, 2013

Oh Dear Driver

Lillian the Domestic Engineer

Oh Deer. A Frightful night 

My Cell phone rang.
It was my youngest calling.
He was not long gone from home so it was kind of unexpected to be getting a call from him
which automatically ups the ante (anxiety)
My new Teen driver may be conscientious but he is indubitably inexperienced.
"I didn't even see him coming Mom. I hear as I answer the call.
"The first one ran across and the second one came out of no where. I ran right into it Mom!"
My heart stopped. My mind raced....

"Are you guys OK?"
"We're fine Mom but I think the Deer is going to have a headache" my Son laughed.
My heart stopped. My mind raced....
 Dad went out to deliver the boys to the hockey rink and I cried all over the place.
I cried for the Deer, who as it turns out did not make it. I cry out of the fear of what ifs?

The vehicle now sits in a state of immobility reeking havoc on family regularity.
Oh how plain it is to see what is taken for granted in the name of need. I cry for me

"Mom, you decided that I should go to school 30 km. away. How will I get to school today?"
The lack of transportation now required to deliver HIM in need, has somehow befallen upon me?
Mom. The Domestic Engineer, The Ministry of Housing and Transportation I so hear.  

     Insurance on the 400.00 Ford did not include collision 
but a truck will happily tow it to a new location. 
Today I'll be talking tow trucks and the art of disposal
while searching for a car replacement with a creative proposal.
With a little more grey in my hair and a bit more strain on my face 
 I trudge off into the morning at an altered pace.
 I won't be cooking dinner tonight, thankfully I've frozen meals in place, rather I'll be replacing the 4 new tires I bought for the Ford
and shopping for 2 to replace!
The Tow truck can't take the car without tires I'm told
because they may have to move it around the lot, lo and behold. 
Don't have to be new he said, buy something old
get em for cheap wherever used tires are sold!
 The job of tire turn over and the replacement fee of same 
have been lovingly bestowed upon me by virtue of my name.
None the less and because of it all, I continue to vow..
bring it on baby I can handle it, I'm a new age woman now!   

 I refill my coffee and set about to rewrite the plans,
 a result of one Son up and while in the Sun if I can.
Out on the deck not having gone far stands the stranded with his plea. "Mom, there's no gas in your car". 
 Back and forth on the highway he drives 32 k a day ...
his education our obligation, no questions who pays. LOL
 "Here's my bank card, now hurry you're going to be late" 
I foolishly holler and immediately debate.
 As my car pulls away with my teenager at the wheel, I finally understand how my Mom used to feel.
I recall a saying my Mom used to have and how it now applies.
 "Oh my shattered nerves " she used to say as the parent of four wise teens of her own.
I ponder   
This is all becoming clearer and clearer to me, I've discovered the quickest route to grey that there will ever be.
Why- even G.P.S. should be proud of me! 

Hold on, wait a minute what did he just hear me say?
Was it hurry you'll be late or speed to school today!
A wise old teenager much beyond his years, sitting in the drivers seat of an independent reality.
 Hands on the wheel of responsibility.
 Tempted to text or expected to speed... into the traffic of a humanity,
 distracted by others too busy to see, more than themselves in the rear view mirror.

 Take care out there!

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