Nov 23, 2013

My other Son is a Cat

And then along comes Benny..
my 5th Son is a CAT

Oh Benny, We Love You

The wind has finally subsided and a beautiful snow is falling silently and straight down, outside my window this morning. Tis very early morning! It is 4:00 am and our four legged friend the cat has awakened me to get outside for a see and a pee!
He is choosing not to use the make do till I get another litter box I have set up in the basement that I know is barely big enough to stand in, let alone scratch, sit or turn around in.
Note to myself to rectify the shitty situation before the long, dark days of winter arrive.
 Because of my unwillingness to stand patiently naked while waiting  for him to come back in, our beloved Benny is unhappily spending time outside from 4-5:30am.
Amid a war of wits and the woes of seasonal cnge I head straight back to the comforts of my warm bed where instead of sleeping I then lay my worrying head awake considering the consequences of my actions instead
What if BENNY should catch a cold....what if it really is colder out there than I think
or what if I fall asleep and he freezes ..what if, what about, what then??
  In my own mind I hope that letting and leaving him outside imparts a lesson to him that every action has a consequence.
 I'm not sure the cat's understanding any of my intended lessons but I am most certainly growing guilt over it all.
Eventually I give up knowing that in spite of the snow that is falling and quickly accumulating outside, I know that the thermometer says that the temperature is a balmy -2 out there.
The meow-howling outside the window eventually becomes too loud to sleep through and too incessant to ignore.
The annoyance quickly reminds me of my stupidity.. 
Until  I change something, nothing will change.
Up I get up again to let the dang cat back in.
Of all things I have found that can, could and in fact have grow in this house, I'm sure that the litter box is not likely be one of them.....
 I am also certain that Benny will not be replacing his own box to a size more appropriate any time soon
 a lesson or two about  DOMESTICITY!? 
As I open the inner wooden door I see Benny Staring back at me  through the frost on the screen door.
He quickly scoots in through the 2 inch crack that I've opened the door and with glaring eyes delivers a saucy meow as he scoots up the stairs ahead of me, prancing towards a warm bed where
 for the next three hours he will be!
 Rising from the warm bed and his cat nap several hours later and after partaking in his morning stretch he will meander into the kitchen where I know he knows, he can expect to find me.
With a meow meow, "good morning" and a meow meow"please for breakfast", I wander on cue as I usually do, towards the fridge to retrieve the can of wet cat food.

 I will wonder as I wander like I often do..
 just who's teaching what and whose training who?

Oh Bless Family Pets ..

Oh Benny how lucky you are
that we Love You!

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