Nov 23, 2013

Everyone is Gifted

All Wrapped up in quiet contemplation
Sometimes it seems as though life has become as complicated as the packaging that it comes in!

  We spend hours on line searching for new and creative methods of banking money and saving time,
seeking shortcuts to simplifying life, clicking on products that promise improved quality of life or cutting and pasting things we like ....
 We peruse, we pursue, we plan and we purchase that which we hope is a missing part of the total package that we each call Self.
 The value of our purchase is then rated by the "Likes" of everyone else.

"If everyone else is going to jump off a bridge, are you going too?"
Once wise words of independence passed down to our youth, now words spoken as if it is the thing to do.
 If I heard it once, I heard it a thousand times.
" Stand up for yourself, use your own mind..
 I used to get so mad at "everyone else. They were never around when I needed help!

 Eventually, unable to justify the actions of else I'd retreat to my room for time with myself.
 It was a quiet time of reflection.  Me, myself and the radio projections.
One dial did it all. Off or On.

I had to close my eyes to see the Video in my mind.
Passing thoughts were a matter of mind and sending comments took stamps and time.
Only received by the addressee, the world did not read what I had to say.
 I would often wake the following morn, my eyes swollen and my feelings worn but inevitably and eventually
 I would see the light in the darkness of my little room. I knew my Parents were motivated by their love for me! 

 To wrap ourselves in the Fads and Fashions of the day we "Trade" in precious commodities;
The cost of caring what others have to say.
All wrapped up in technology but unable to express it, we spend our independence trying to unwrap it.


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