Nov 25, 2013

Crafting the Hockey Hall of Fame

   CRAFTING The Hockey Hall of Fame
Where up-cycling boxes is the name of the game.
                                      Play Paper Mache'
Hockey Hall of Fame
 A fun, easy, functional, effective way to Reduce, Re-use, Recycle!

I made a Hockey Jockey Locker for each of my Sons. (Thankfully it doesn't smell the way that they can)
It featured their Jersey number and their Team Name and colors.
( The Hockey Lockers have been Loved and lugged around for many years as is evident by the wear marks around the perimeter.)
They were each created using a Muffin Box. (The 9 pack from Walmart)
 It's one of those strong, sturdy boxes that enters my domain
 destined for the garbage until it calls out my name... no  kidding!
 I attempt to resist the urge to persist....but the box wouldn't crumble.
Instead I wander it out to the garage to place it on the shelf  beside the bits of Styrofoam and other pieces of packaging that have deemed themselves all useful. I store it until I discover or uncover a use or need for it.
 DIY Paper Mache Instructions here

I started by applying Pasted Paper Strips directly onto the sturdy box form itself. After several layers of newspaper had been applied, I cut out and pasted on the words that are seen.  The Team Name at bottom is created from individual letters that were cut from the newspaper. The words at top were cut in whole from a Hockey Magazine.
After drying overnight I used Acrylic Paint to finish the inside of the Locker in a Team Color. I used a dry, fat brush to apply paint around the words that had been previously pasted on.

I crunched and folded together 2 full sheets to create the basic Jersey Shape. The Jersey arms were created by  loosely rolling 2 full sheets of newspaper up and then folding them in half.
(The ends of the roll become the ends of the sleeve) I pasted the arms to the body at the top and under the arm area. Several more layers of pasted paper were applied around the sleeve to finish the two ends as one sleeve and to add overall durability.
 I then painted the Jersey color, the white stripe, the Name and the Number in acrylic paint. For added pop I outlined in Black felt marker.
The Jersey is then hot glued to the inside of the locker.
 My kids used to hang any Team Metals they collected over the corner of their lockers.

Creating the real Jerseys for Play On Road Hockey HERE

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