Oct 31, 2012


   Thank you for the memories.
Lillian the Domestic Engineer
I'm enjoying arriving at a time when my kids have aged through the awkward stage and the opposition era.
A time when nothing I said, did or made was
 or would ever be considered remotely right or even possibly plausible!
Each, slowly arriving at a time when they are willing to acknowledge and even employ their talented Mother
(if I must say so myself) and dare I say,  if I don't toot my own horn who will?
 I jumped this year at the request to create a Buzz Light Year Costume for one of my boys.
For help with this Costume I must first  give credit where credit is do. http://mojoturbocostumes.wikispaces.com/Buzz+Lightyear+Costume

Thank you to Mojoturbocostumes for being patient enough to record detailed step by step instructions
for creating the BUZZ LIGHT YEAR Costume on their page. I referred to the pictures and notes there as I set about to built my own Buzz Light Year step by step. Altering and improvising as I worked along at creating a costume for a 180 pound 6 foot man!

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The gloves were purchased at the dollar store and brushed with a coat of mixed Silicone, white acrylic paint and Modge Podge, a white pase like primer for painters.  Left to dry for 24 hours I then painted the green, purple and white acrylic paint on the glove. They are then outlined with a waterproof ink, fine tip Sharpie Pen.

 The Gauntlets are created from wrist protectors that I found in the front closet, initially purchased for working with barb wire fence. I glued a layer of white construction paper to the inside to lengthen them and then coated the entire thing with the same mixture used on the gloves above before painting the final coat of  green and white.

DIY @ Lillian the Domestic Engineer.Blogspot.ca

 The body Armour and the Jet pack were constructed from a thin, blue foam mat that I found in the garage. 

After drawing out the pieces I would need, I cut two of each and glued them to their mate using contact cement. On areas where the layered areas would be seen, I applied a strip of the blue foam that I had cut to exactly the same width as the two layers were wide. It gave a clean finish to the end product.   
As visible in the neck area on the Chest Armour above.
Once all the pieces were assembled I applied several coats of the mixed sealant mixture (as noted above) and left it all to dry over night. The purple, green, red and white paints as well as the Lightyear sign the exhaust area and the logo were painted. 
A cloth strap was glued onto the side of the front panel allowing them to be pulled back together and fastened using the strip of Velcro on each. The finished front and back pieces are finally connected at the shoulders with a cloth hinge that has been glued in place.

 The purple head piece was fashioned from the pattern of a bear costume I altered. 
I stitched the black bands into the elbow to represent the joints.  The black at the waist was stitched onto a quilted piece of material before being stitched into the shirt, creating the tubing effect seen on Buzz's waste.
The pants were cut at the knee and cardboard was glued to the inside of the pants to create the knee joints. The bolts were glued together and painted before being hot glued directly onto the pants. The bottom trim and the belt were made from the blue foam that had bee primed and painted before being attached with hot glue.

 Buzz Light Year Costume. DIY
 I come in peace... seeking candy!

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