Feb 7, 2015

Make your own Greeting Cards

  The gift of greeting agrees with me.

The enjoyable experience of crafting and posting a greeting cards
 is only compounded by the recipients joy of the experience.

Greeting Cards are in season every season.  
A reason is not required.

Through the love of another we are inspired
to share the words that transpire
on the greeting card of your hearts desire.

I have been crafting and selling Greeting Cards for over 30 years. 
                              The production of same has been a great source of pleasure for me. 
                                                         FOR CREATIVE FREEDOM TO ROAM

Craft Blog  DIY Cards
 The brown corrugated cardboard above left on the card was rescued and recycled from a box of biscuits.
 The black corrugated card was taken from a box of chocolates.The gift tag with coin, is a sticker that I mounted on foam core before gluing into place. The ribbon was saved from a satchel of sorts, somewhere along the way and glued on top.The writing is done with fabric paint that comes in fine tip bottles.

             Keep it simple. Limit the writing on the front of each card. Personalize to perfection.

Greeting Card DIY
#1Gold corrugated cardboard.#2.Pink and yellow Dollar Store card/scrapbook accessory. #3. Buttons and Feather. #4. Wire bangle.
                                                Work to a finished card - one layer at a time.

Greeting Card @ Lillian the Domestic Engineer
#1. White paper square. #2. White corrugated cardboard. #3. Red parcel Dollar Store item,
#4 Fabric paint writing and parcel tree glitter.

Greeting Card DIY Craft
#1.Sketch out your thoughts lightly in pencil.  #2. Detail outline in fine black pen. I used a water soluble ink so I could smear it slightly with a wet fingertip. I did the writing with a black fine tip sharpie. I did not want it to smear.. #3. Pink crayon.

Simple can be super too.
Sometimes a little humor is necessary.

Simple black and white with a touch of Gold Metallic Foil.

Paint between the lines.
The following two cards are painted on a water color paper.

Best Craft Blog -Cards

 Greeting Card- Water Color
Using strips of masking tape, create a border shape to paint within.
Make sure the tape is pressed firmly against the paper to avoid having the paint bleed under the tape edges.
Once the paint has dried carefully remove the tape. Don't forget to sign your original artwork.

Stamping it out. HERE
 One potato - two potato

Lillian the Domestic Engineer.Blogspot.ca

Life is a great bundle of little things.

Create your own Potato stamp and stamp away.
Make Greeting Cards
Embossing Tinsel is a simple, effective way of bringing a degree of shine and professionalism to your card.
Sprinkle tinsel onto wet stamp print and set with a warm iron. Click above on Stamping it out for details.

Recycle.  Recycle.  Recycle.
Make use of the marvelous 

Make your own Greeting Cards

                                                                Think inside the box.
The following three Cards are created using the marvelous selection of papers and prints from old greeting cards. The bits and bows were all dug out of the drawer where I keep the little, shiny things that hold the promise of commitment to card.

                                                          Put your Heart into it!

                              Give it a Gift Tag

           Pretty pastels pieces of paper, pinking shears and gift tags help turn the simple into the superb.
          Fabric paint finalizes the thought behind the project.

    Pop it up a bit....

Although pop up cards do require some fore thought and a little more work,
 I am always thrilled with the results

More Cards HERE

Don't let the blank slate intimidate. Build up your card one layer at a time.

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