Feb 1, 2015

Jewelry Display Frame DIY

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I've had this old frame for years.
For a long time it hung near the front door where it was used as a post it place.
Kids photos, artwork and notes were tacked or pinned onto the front of it.

 For as many years and longer, I struggled with a practical way to display the collection of costume jewelry that was amassing in every little box and bowl in my room.
It was always difficult to dig out two of the same earrings to wear for the day so typically I wore
 the same 2-3 pair of earrings day after day.  I would just leave them on the bedside table
instead of stuffing them into one of my jewel boxes or bowls.

For the large part otherwise, I had resolved to be happy with wearing two different earrings.
I don't know who or why the rule was made that insisted the earrings need to be the same but I
did know that the system wasn't working for me.
I was surprised how many people were quick to point out the fact that I was wearing
 two different earrings.

 In an effort to organize my piles one afternoon, I moved the large frame that had been stripped of the photos and notes it once held and delegated to the floor, where it sat for several months, before being motivated to get organized on this particular day prompted me to pick it up.
 It finally occurred to me what a great Jewelry Display the frame would be.
 I set out to transform the frame into a practical, beautiful wall display for my jewelry. Instead of putting it
in the closet, I put it up on my work table.

I began the transformation by hot gluing a framed cork board to the lower front portion of the frame.
It was a perfect fit.
To the front of the cork board, I then hot glued a black piece of screen window mesh that I had laying around. Many years ago I had first used the mesh in the production of funky, fashionable earrings. It would now work perfectly for hanging earrings.
To the top portion of the frame I hot glued a piece of black silk fabric. I had first folded back the edges to avoid any fabric fraying. The Black would serve as a wonderful back drop for the jewels I would pin onto it.

This photo is sideways. The black fabric area is at the top of the frame.
 The cork board is glued below the fabric.

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I then searched through my collection of broken jewel bits, fabric and fringe trim and buttons to find pieces that could be hot glued on, to trim the tiny gap between the cork board and the frames edge
as well as to finish the outer edges of the black silk area .

DIY Jewelry Frame

               The trim at the top of the frame was created
    with a broken string of fake pearls and the three round buttons. 

                                   Both sides of the frame as well as the bottom
                  were covered and filled in with an assortment of buttons and broken jewel bits.

                      A thin broken chain was hot glued to the inside edge of the cork board frame itself.

                            Earrings with a hook can be easily slid into a mesh hole and hung.
                            For earrings with a stud back, it was necessary to be able to lift the mesh
                             to secure the earring backs.
                                                           As seen at bottom here.
                 As it were I found at least a half a dozen Kilt Pins in my treasure collection,
              several of which were used to secure a separate piece of mesh over the first layer of mesh.

                                    This allows me to lift the mesh and secure the earring back.

To top it all off
I used a sewing strait pin to hold this lovely ladies head to the wall. 
It is pinned so that it sits on the lip of  the framed Jewelry display.

 I am thrilled with the over all appearance and ecstatic about the practicality of the project.
Now at a glance, I am able to select the piece of jewelry that I chose to adorn myself with.

My jewelry no longer lays lost and forgotten  in containers.
I can now appreciate the beauty of my collection, after all that is why I collect it.

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