Feb 26, 2015

A Biker's Bikini

Round and round it goes..
Tire Tube Bikini

I am the proud parent of four Sons.
I have paid my dues if you will.

Minor Hockey Fees, 
local Baseball fees, 
School Volleyball fees,
the Bike Club Whistler dreams, 
the field trips
and yup, even the magazines 
has all led me right to here. 
or is that Fed me up right up to here? 

Our garage has consumed almost as much equipment as the boys have food.

 Some of the things do manage to get chewed up and thrown out 
but a large assortment of almost useful pieces 
continue to be found laying lifelessly around on the floor or
can be otherwise located quietly hanging around. 

A local radio station contest prompted the motivation for this creation.
$1000.00 was up for grabs for the best, original, homemade Bikini.
 I headed to the garage on a mission.

 Fashioned from used tire tubes and hockey laces this Biker Bikini
 was an easy sew on a basic machine. The tubes were lovely to cut and work with and the laces were the perfect answer for the trim.

Best  Craft Blog- Lillian the Domestic Engineer


 One tire tube was sliced open,  the full width of which was employed for the Bikini top.
  The four metal eyelets on the top front were punched through the tubes and set with a hammer.

The Bikini bottom required an extra width. Two tubes were stitched together before cutting.

 The skate laces were utilized as trim by stitching them directly to the bikini.
 The side straps were left long so they could be tied in a bow.
The air valves were utilized as adornments on the bikini bottom. 
They were to infer that the waist tube could be inflated, transforming the bathing suit into a life saver!
It was later suggested that perhaps the air valves should have been used to create an inflatable chest?!

 Bike Tube Bikini

First place was awarded to a Bikini original
titled Guns and Roses. 

Second place was given to a creative Bikini
crafted from Lego! 

The Biker Bikini secured third place.

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