Jan 3, 2015

Make you own Polymer Cane Greeting Card

This year, for my annual traditional Christmas Greeting Card,
I dug into the delights of my button box (see link below)
Button Cards

To my delight, the finished results were quite satisfying.

Also to my surprise and delight, the button cards inspired me to create my own Polymer Clay Cane
ornament for a line of cards.

I chose Christmas colors and a simple, seasonal leaf design for my Card cane.
Polymer Clay Cane Card

Play Polymer  See more here. 

DIY Cards
Working on a flat, clean surface, the polymer cane design should be about  1/4 inch thick.
This cane (before reduction) is approx. 2 inches across.

                                                         This is the same Polymer Cane
                                                                having been reduced.

It is now approx. an inch across
and 1 1/2 inches tall.

The distortion of design at either end is typical.
As you slice more into the cane
less distortion is seen.

Once the cane has been created and reduced, I like to leave it in an airtight container overnight.
Time seems to bond and set the polymer clay, creating a cleaner finished slice.
The following day the slices of the cane are baked in an oven at 275 degree for about 5 minutes.
After the slices are cooled they can be glued onto your Card.

 The finished Cane Card.
I used a pre printed 8.5x11 inch stationery paper. 
The pic at bottom of paper is folded so it becomes the inside of the card. 
DIY polymer card

Personalize your Polymer!
Check out the great link below for creating Polymer Clay Canes.

4 canes_4

                            Simple Canes Tutorial HERE

 Artmakers worlds of Polymer Clay Canes
  Tin, pen, and beads made with clay cane slices 
I really have a thing with Polymer Clay Canes.
One of my favorite things to do with the cane slices is to create jewel bowls.

 Polymer Clay Cane Bowls. My favorite thing! More HERE
DIY Polymer Cane Bowls

Make your own Greeting Cards

DIY Greeting Cards

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