Jan 18, 2015

Craft you own Crayons

                                 Make your own Crayons

Crayola Craft Lillian the Domestic Engineer

 Chances are very good that if you have children in your home there are also broken Crayola Crayon
 bits laying around waiting for a Sunday afternoon when they may just be found and put to good use.

I have always enjoyed coloring. I remember as a youngster the thrill of getting a new set of Crayola Crayons along with a brand new coloring book at Christmas time. It really was one of my favorite things. 
I liked the thick Coloring Books that came complete with maze puzzles and word finds.
Mixing and blending colors was my favorite pass time but I have always been a color only between the lines
kind of colorer. Lol.

I did not however like to color with a broken crayon. 
That fact remains.

 Here is an easy, enjoyable, functional was to use those old and broken bits of crayons.
 Make your own Crayons

These are a heavy rubber mold meant for making soap but perfect also for crayon creating.
They are flexible which allows for the finished crayon to be easily popped out of the mold.
They are also a nice sized crayon for pint size hands.

Make your own Crayon
Make Crayons
Sort bits of crayon by color. Remove all paper from crayons.
 Drop crayon bits into a coffee or soup can and melt on low heat.
Stir occasionally and do not over heat. Wax will create an unpleasant smoke.
 Never leave melting wax unattended.

I mix light colors like yellow, lime green and light blues together to create
original colors.
Shades of red and orange can be blended for a bright sunshine color.

 Once melted the wax is poured directly into the mold.
Leave the crayons in the mold to cool and set for 15 min. or so.
The mold can be carefully placed in a fridge to lessen the setting time.

 Don't worry about over spill.
The hardened crayon can be easily cleaned up around the edges
once it has cooled and been popped from the mold.

Package the home made crayons in a basket with several envelopes and sheets of folded card stock.
Include and a fine tip marker and a tube of glitter paint for a great make your own card gift.
Craft Crayons
 Crayons DIY

Craft Blog DIY
 Stack the crayons up in an up cycled tin box and present them with your own personalized Coloring Book

 Make your own Coloring Book HERE

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