Jan 31, 2015

Are Bullies born or raised?

Sticks and Stones by Ruby Redfort
Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can also hurt me.
Stones and sticks break only skin, while words are ghosts that haunt me.
Slant and curved the word-swords fall, it pierces and sticks inside me.
Bats and bricks may ache through bones, but words can mortify me.
Pain from words has left its' scar on mind and heart that's tender.
Cuts and bruises have not healed, it's words that I remember.
From where arise the cruel things that people will say?
Are Bullies born or are they raised?
The bully can bring others to tears with the power invested in them by the words they possess and their ability to use them. Words that hurt as they were meant to do, words that mock and tease as intended to do. Words that hurt more than time can say. Words of which bad memories are made.
Do unto others before they do unto you differs greatly from
Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
Children learn as they see.
 Trust must be present for faith to survive.
Why seek faith where trust doesn't thrive. 
Children learn that life isn't fair and that's unfair.
Bullies can and do grow much bigger than the playground.
Intimidation and humiliation are practiced on the playground,
 in Class Rooms, Board Rooms, Back Rooms and Bedrooms .
Do little bullies grow up to be bigger Bullies?

What's in a name anyway?  
Hey Moron. Come here Stupid. Are you an Idiot?
It's just a name, ignore it, it can't hurt you we are told.
Don't be a baby, stand up for yourself we're then scolded.
They're just idiot's people say oblivious to the hypocrisy. 

Perhaps within the community of a Cyber City where morals and dignity can be as absent as love and empathy, where what we like is posted on a profile not necessarily reflective of thee, where the faceless of a community act without the hesitation of responsibility or the ownership of accountability, the time has come to check the Virtues of our reality against the Reality of our virtuality. 

  The right to change ones mind may be the right one to make.
A wise decision to ponder that no fool would make.
  Freddie Lake  Only a Fool never changes his mind
My Mother always said
If you are arguing with an idiot just make sure they are not doing the same”

Are you acting or reacting to what people say?

 Tis through the rights of the ownership of name 
that we posses the right for ourselves to proclaim,

 The Universal Declaration of Human Rights
Whereas recognition of the inherent dignity and of the equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family is the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world.

Do bullies just grow or are they made?
The long term effects of the things we say cannot be overstated.

In the name of  rights
 let us celebrate our differences.

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