Dec 24, 2014

Dress up the table Candle Craft

Serve up a little originality!

These Gel Candle table center pieces are a festive addition to your seasonal table.
The Candles can be created to match home decor and customized to impress upon personality. 

The slow burning candle gel make these an economical as well as a bright gift idea.

Candle table piece

One bucket of melt and pour Gel Wax. (Approx. $30.00 at Michael's Craft)
Candle wax coloring and a selection of essential oils ($20.00 initial investment)
Dinner plates and small dishes ($1.00 per at any second hand store.)
Decorations can be gathered year round and collected in a container...
it is a whole lot cheaper to buy Poinsettias in June than it is in Dec.
The small parcels were removed from a store bought corsage,
the red leaf on left was once a Tree ornament,
the greenery has been cut piece by piece from an old wreath,
(total decoration averaging a couple dollars a plate).

I have made many, many a Gel Candle 
still from the original bucket of Gel Wax.

 DIY Best Craft Blog
                                  These candles were made last night to fill a last minute request.
                                                 They were an honor and a joy to create.
DIY Candle Craft

DIY Gel Candle

 Light up your life

Merry Christmas to you
and to all a good night.

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