Dec 7, 2014

Check it out

  Trying to decide whether to purchase that book?
 Try it out. Take it home for a week or two.
 Visit your local Library on go see cruise! Books, books everywhere.

there are so many to chose from     
          Martha is a must             Craft a day 

 "CHECK it OUT" at your Local Public Library

  It is FREE in many Cities and Towns to obtain a Library Card.
  The best investment you could make today is to 
Gift Basket Making in 10 Simple Steps  Become a PATRON at your local Library.

 It is almost unimaginable what you can search for, learn about,
watch, surf, read, play request, see and receive all at your local Library!

 An Alberta Library Card holder can access a combined catalog of over 170 libraries with holdings of nearly 3 million books, DVDs and other material!
You can borrow and return at your local Alberta Library. Click on the links to literacy!!
 The Alberta Library
 Regional Automation Consortium

Libraries really are a whole lot more than they used to be!

I was thrilled to involve myself, as Program Coordinator,- for the summer reading program
for children at my local library. Not once or twice but  for three years running. 

A themed based, annual program that encourages kids to continue reading over the summer.
A free program for all. Check out your local library to register.
TD Summer Reading Program
Oh the fun we had

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