Dec 4, 2014

All in a Community

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 I stopped into my favorite little store the other day.
It just happens to be conveniently located right behind the grocery store that I often have occasion to patronize.
The little store however is only open on Tue. Thur. and Sat. 
so I do try to plan my trips to the grocery market accordingly!

The both of these (for me) essential markets are just up the street and around the corner from all else that I might need. The hardware store, the registry and the bakery.

Tis' the joy of a small community and the people that I meet that makes it all so meaningful for me.
All in a Community

 I have an ongoing relationship with the friendly folk at the local Thrift Store where I enjoy sharing in the exchange of funny, friendly chatter with the awesome crew of Senior Volunteers
who all give selflessly to the service of their community.
Their presence and dedication has been a source of much, much more than bargains to me.
Their smiling faces and pleasant nature have been like the sunshine on rainy days for over 9 years now.

 Upon driving into the parking lot the other day,  I spot my two favorite fellas at work taking boxes of treasures from the donation box outside to the group of ladies inside who would then sort and price the treasures.

 I quickly parked and scooted over to open the door in an effort to assist in ease of their entry.
" I can see you guys are working overtime today."" I teased them.
"As ever." the one fellow replied, continuing as we stepped inside.
"We do what we have to do. No point in complaining we're not listened to. Can't negotiate, we're not paid and the job is still required done by the end of the day."

 I smiled at them both and then ceased the opportunity to say
 "I see you guys are feeling a little like house wives today!" 

 A silent moment suddenly filled the gap between the gentlemen and the counter top.
The ladies behind it smiled at me and in recognition of the similarities.

The gentlemen grinned thoughtfully into the face of reality.

 "24 years a parent" I say.
"No pension, no pay, just self satisfaction at the end of the day."

Knowing the gratification of a domestic duty done,
 that has come from the mouth of babes, now my full grown Sons
 is often found in human things like Thanks, I love you Mom..
 I couldn't pass up the chance to say,
"Thank You guys, you make my day. Without your assistance here I couldn't find my way."

After scouting about  for the kettle I went to buy, knowing that it would first have been tested by my senior guys, 
I grinned when I spotted out of the corner of my eye, a stainless steel beauty, priced with me in mind.
I scooped up my treasure and set off to pay for the pleasure of shopping at my favorite place.

Elsie, at the counter, then informed me that she had set aside a bag of donations that a lady brought in.
She dug the green bag out of the storage drawer, recalling a request I had made many, many months before.
"Your Mom is a knitter and this is the Phoentex Wool she has been looking for." Elsie informed.
 Gleefully I peeked into my treasure bag.
The rainbow of colored contents I found inside was as much to my amazement as it was to my surprise.
"Thank You Elsie" I smiled "My Mom will be thrilled."

 "You're doing a fine job " I announced to the staff as I made my way to the door.
"See you all next week,  take care of yourselves."
The best things in life are almost free, I remind myself as I drive on  for my groceries.
 I am so grateful for a community of people and the service of Volunteers!

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