Nov 25, 2014

Easy to make Greeting Cards

Greeting Cards
 Simple Traditions

I'm a little old fashioned. 
I believe that there are a few 
holiday traditions that should not be tampered with-
one of those being the paper Greeting Card .

The Greeting Card is the perfect example of the fact
 that wonderful things do come in small packages.

Greeting Cards are the keepers of cherished memories
and a fine forum for fond sentiments. 
Their paper folds harbor a safe place for the scent of souls passed
as sure as the graphics present a feast for the eyes to behold..

The satisfaction of perusing the past never grows as old  as the sender and the receiver of the stories told.
 Only time will tell what a greeting card can do for the soul.

 A blank stare?
If the thought of a blank page or a believed lack of creativity
has kept you from creating your own Greeting Cards then you'll be glad to know that these cards basically create themselves!

 Use a card stock paper to create your blank card stock.
Any white glue will work as an adhesive for most things.
I shop for envelopes in second hand store, where I can often purchase packages of up to 50 for a dollar or two. The cards can then be cut to fit the envelopes.

Create your own Greeting Cards
For a full size Card from a full 8.5x11 inch sheet of card stock
Place sheet on table with 8.5 inches as width and 11 inch side as height. Fold in half down from top.
 Keep fold at top and match bottom edges before rubbing down the fold.
Next fold from left to right matching front edges to card size 4.25x 5.5 inches.
Keeping fold at left rub down the fold.

Lillian the Domestic
 I purchased a pkg. of Gift Tag stickers in a set of 6, each roll with different images.
I like the snowmen for their simplicity.
A perfect starting point for each of  this series of Cards.
#1. Stick a single gift tag label on the front of your folded card.
I put this sticker on the top half of the card with the intention of writing underneath.
It could easily be placed in the center
with the writing being inside the card.

I like to create many cards at a time. Try it, Lay out ten cards and place one label on each

#2.  Add a shiny, 1st dimensional element to the card.
 Broken and unwanted Christmas decorations are an excellent source for inspirational pieces.
 The small parcel glued onto the card above at left was once part of a Christmas Corsage.
The stars at top right are a sequence typically sewed onto fabric, simply glued into place..
 The rhinestones used at bottom right are from the dollar store and are applied with glue
as is the broken tree garland bit used below left.
  The shiny element adds a bounce for the eyes and is meant to enhance the main graphics. Keep it simple.

Make your own Cards
Crafty Greetings

#3 Add a 2nd layer to your gift tag card.
On several of the cards I simply glued a colored rhinestone to the buttons on the snowman.  It is very subtle but adds a lovely layer of depth and interest to your card. 
Glitter fabric paint is also an easy way to add dimension. Once applied be sure to wait for the layer to dry before moving on.

#4 Add the greeting to your card.
Keep it simple! Basic stick letters can be enhanced by simply dotting the top and bottom of the written letters. I used a thin black sharpie but a blue ink would also have worked well. Fabric paints can also be used to write with.
Personal notes can then be hand written inside the card.
Don't forget to sign and date your piece of art on the back of the card.
Homemade Card
Create your own holiday greetings
The card on bottom right has been started by pinning on (through the front layer of card paper only)  a seasonal brooch. It can be removed and worn by the card recipient. I enhanced the brooch by first gluing rhinestones to its branches.
Happy Holiday to you and yours.
Check back for my series of Cards created with buttons.
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