Aug 2, 2014

Weather you like it or not

Isn't it funny
how much time we spend contemplating and discussing the weather
 when considering
just how little control we have over the outcome?

 If we could indulge half as much time
into the study and understanding
 of one another
the discoveries divulged
may themselves
 lead to sunny skies.

 The WEATHER is free
 just to be                                                                                                                           whether you like it or not!

Enjoy the weather wherever you are, whatever it may be
chances are it won't be what it is five minutes from now.
I know in my part of the country it is a well spoken quote
"If you don't like the weather just wait five minutes."

We are now counting the days left before the snow flies as opposed to the days of summer yet to come
 and the hours of light to enjoy on a summers night.

Some things will remain forever as they are
 and I guess that's OK with me!

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