May 24, 2014

Cream Puff Crazed

 There are a few tidbits that I render so darn good that they should be considered dangerous and
only offered for consumption in and from your own kitchen, but once annually.
Fresh Cream Puff with Bananas
 I consider Homemade CREAM PUFFS to be a few of those things..
Very few people know that I lack the ability to spend the evening alone, in a house with a container of Mini M&M Cream Puffs in the freezer
without succumbing to the temptation to eat the entire lot of them myself.

Oh I am well aware of the self induced, nauseated feeling that accompanies the consumption of countless Cream Puffs but have none the less participated in preserving this particularly putrid behavior on more than one occasion.

I honed a taste for the sweeter side of life when I was quite young.

My Mom has always been a master Dessert maker. Layer upon layer of visually stunning squares, homemade cinnamon buns and deep fried doughnuts served to sweeten my tooth and the memories of my childhood. Nothing beat arriving home to the sweet smell of Mom and the aroma of one of her specialties wafting from the kitchen, except to have arrived just in time for a fresh serving of the same.

 Although her products are all purchased lo-cally and manufactured right in her home there are no misconceptions over the lacking low- cal count in her finished products. No holds barred. No product banned.
These are homemade goodies born from the love of a Mother and begun in a bowl full of the love of baking. Blended from a mix of sugar,  flour, eggs and butter with a dollop of cream cheese and/or of course whip cream the concoctions were then baked into the many comfort foods of my childhood.

  I do love to bake myself but I am also certain that there are many years yet to come before the day arrives that I am finally asked to bring the dessert for dinner! My Moms desserts continue to reign supreme, garnering the natterings of many a family get together.  I couldn't be fuller, happier or more thrilled about it all. I really do savor the memory of every tasty moment.
Fresh Cream Puff with Raspberry Sauce

  I want one now! A fresh Cream Puff stuffed with real whip cream and dusted with powdered sugar  served with warmed Raspberries and a piping hot, fresh cup of coffee to which just the right amount of Creemo has been added...OMG

Hmmm I pondered but for a moment.
That's what I'll make to take. I had a dinner date that evening with friends to which I had been invited to bring the dessert!
 Funny how the minds world works..Blog and ye shall find?!!

(Cream Puffs do travel well and set up swiftly.)
Cream Puffs to go
I bake my Cream Puffs and set to cool before slicing open the tops. I like to leave a bit of the lid attached to the cream puff itself allowing  the lid to stand open once I have stuffed the center.
Others prefer to slice the lid right of the top and then gently set it back down on the top of a stuffed Puff.
Once cooled I remove any excess dough from inside and finally place the little puffs in a foil lined container to go. Pack in single layers. Cover and refrigerate for later use.
That's it , the hardest part is done.

I then beat or blend together the Cream Puff stuffing to be used in the shells. Once cooled it can be spooned into small or medium freezer bags or a pastry bag and stored in the fridge. The bag is easily and safely carted about and the corner can be snipped off to squeeze the content directly and evenly into the Cream Puff Cups when the time come and the need arises.

  I keep Icing Sugar in an old shakable spice bottle with lid that also travels well.
 A bag of Bananas, A Pineapple, fresh or frozen Berries, nuts, coconut or dessert sauce in a squeeze bottle all travel well and are instant, economical and effective ways to add the Wow to your Cream Puffs.
These really are best eaten not long after being prepared but once stuffed, the Cream Puffs can be individually fresh frozen and then stored in freezer bags in the freezer.
Now that you are aware of my relationship with this particular frozen food you will understand why I no longer partake in the freezing of Cream Puffs in my home!
See recipe below

I love the dessert design-ability of these little Puff cups but the value they have as appealing Appetizers should not be overlooked. These little cups are also just fabulous stuffed with a Crab Dip!
                 Wow the ones you love at your next gathering 
           with your own homemade  Cream Puffs!

Cream Puff Recipe

1/4  Cup Butter      Combine water and Butter and on medium heat, bring to a full rolling boil.
1  Cup Water         Remove from heat

1 Cup Flour           Beat in flour and salt until mixture begins to leaves the sides   
1/4 Tsp. Salt           and form a ball.  

4 Eggs                    Beat in eggs one at a time.

Drop by teaspoon onto baking tray and bake at 425 degrees for about 20 minutes or until tops are a golden brown. Remove from oven and cool on rack before slicing open tops.

 The cakes do puff a bit when they bake but they do not spread out on the tray an awful lot so they can be baked a bit closer together than a cookie which tends to spread out more.
 That's it. That's how simply this fussing is done.                 
Raw Cream Puffs
Baked Cream Puffs

 This may be a good time to spread a little love across your apron and your chin by way of a little strategically placed icing sugar.  People who have not made Cream Puffs seem to have the impression that making cream puffs are a lot of work. In the name of honoring this myth I indulge in the tradition of sprinkling icing sugar on self before serving!


1-2 tsp.  Instant Pudding. 
Vanilla is typical but any flavor of your fancy will works. Mmm try Chocolate or Butterscotch.
2 Cups Heavy Cream  
Combine pudding and cream and beat with electric beater for 2 min. Refrigerate for several hours. Scoop into Pastry Bag or plastic baggy for storage and later use. Squeeze content out of corner of cut bag,
evenly into the Cream Puffs.
Fresh Cream Puffs and Bananas

Serve up your Cream Puffs on a pretty plate stuffed with Vanilla Cream and serve with half a sliced Banana and a shake of powdered sugar.
  Mmmmm, doesn't it look delightful?
Fresh Cream Puffs with Raspberries


Serve them with warmed Raspberries
and Coffee after breakfast in the Sun

The Cream Puffs and the great company was enjoyed by everyone.

   Indulge yourself and enjoy today!

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