Mar 3, 2014

Sunshine, Sunshine

Sunshine and S.A.D.

Tis the top of a frigid winter morning in Alberta.
It may be cold out there but I do see the sun shining in
as it rises from the earths horizon.
Its light eventually floods in through the frosted window pane
 brightening the room and warming my soul.
The Sunshine means the world to me.
It improves my constitution and brightens my days.

I speak from experience.

I would take a sunny, crisp 40 below day over a dreary,
wet 5 above day, any day!
I struggled with some degree of S.A.D. for most of the
24 years that I lived on the wet ,West Coast of our great Country.

I now understand that even liquid sunshine hurts if you get too much.
Rain, rain go away

   S.A.D. does not require sunshine to bloom.
        It prospers in the rain!

 SAD link -
What is Seasonal Affective Disorder?
Many people experience seasonal changes in feelings of well being and in energy, sleep patterns and
eating patterns, to a greater or lesser degree. The winter blues or February blahs are common. But some people experience powerful changes to the degree that it becomes a form of clinical depression, called Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D.)

Rain, Rain Go Away.

 Day after day after day of winter west coast rain would dampen my spirits and darken my days.
My frustrations would mount and my head would hang with my spirits as dampened as my mist soaked bangs.
Mold would grow in the pockets of my wet rain coat and my dearly loved Cowichan Sweater 
would begin to smell like wet goat!

Rain, Rain go away I need a little light my way!

Lillian the Domestic Engineer

Sunshine, Sunshine come my way..
 It may be cold outside today
but that's OK
I'm now living in sunshine country! 

My flowers and I bloom here all year round!

I plant my winter garden and decorate my soul with the flowers
I now paint on frosted windows.

Outside the wind howls and the snow does blow but my indoor garden looks beautiful against the white snow.
The Sun warms my face as I paint away, my sights set on the glory of another bright day.

Paint flowers inside today
CLICK  for Window Splashes and other colorful things

Sunshine, Sunshine.

 Paint on! 

I bloom in every season and think that
a little Goofy is great!


I do miss the mountains and the fresh ocean breeze
 but the sunshine means so much more to me! 

Alberta sunshine

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