Mar 10, 2014

Upcycled Neck Tie Craft

Up cycled neck tie snake craft

These lovable snakes are fashioned from
 neck ties.  

   Time to take another look at the old neck ties that can be found hanging around in most second hand stores.
 You may have to move aside an old suit jacket or two and perhaps even wipe away a few dust bunnies to see the true colors of the opportunities that lay in waiting.
These snakes would have an even greater sentimentality if crafted from a favored neck tie of Dads, Grandpas or even great Grandpas. Ask around! There are many an outdated neck ties hanging around in closets all waiting to be found.
The awesome patterns, textures and colors all seem to lend themselves well to the project.

 Don't all the neck ties you now see all suddenly seem to have eyes?
 Don't the patterns all seem to scream snake skin?
 I certainly started to think so. 

                   Up Cycled Neck Tie Snake Craft

               These snakes are just great laying on a bed. 
              They are also happy laying on the floor in front of the door, keeping the draft at bay.
            After years of hanging around in the closet they are surprising happy to return to a closet.
                         By looping the snake over a coat hanger and tieing the ends into a knot
                                     the snake becomes useful as a scarf hanger. 
                    Drape your scarves over the snakes body loop and let hang. 
                  I have attached a memory wire bead bracelet to each of the snakes head area
                                   making these snakes alo useful as a bracelet holder.

Lillian the Domestic Engineer Up cycled neck tie project
                             Saxy the Snake

Begin by completely opening the back seam on the tie with a seam ripper. This can be a bit tedious.
Caution must be exercised to avoid ripping the tie itself.
The inside strip of interfacing can be removed and tossed.

Once opened, unfold edges and flatten with iron on medium heat.
 Exercise some caution in ironing with silk. A damp cloth between your fabric and the iron itself
will keep the fabric from having an unwelcome sheen in spots.

Reverse the tie fabric so that the right sides are together, match side edges, pin in place and stitch together.
Turn the tie inside out again (which would now be good side of fabric out)
The tie liner now becomes the snakes (lower) inside mouth and the silk tie (top) is the head.

Craft blog Lillian the Domestic Engineer

 Button eyes are now sewn to the head.
 Keep the bottom (mouth) liner and the top silk (head) fabric separate when stitching buttons on.

Upcycled neck tie

Neck tie Snake

Up cycled neck tie Snake

 Be creative with the eyes. 
 Both single button eyes and two button piggyback pupil eyes are effective.
 The flat yellow buttons were hand sewn on before stitching the orange, rounded button on top. 
  I may even choose to add a set of false eyelashes to the next Snake?
 Finally stuff the snake body. I use a wooden spoon to help work bits of stuffing right down to the tail area.
This tail end is eventually wrapped with metallic thread, creating an ornate tail and effectively closing the hole.
 Old pillows can be purchased reasonably and are an economical source of stuffing!

 Add the tongue.

Neck tie Snake
I have done tongues in two fashions.
#1 Felt is cut, glued and stitched to the underside of the top nose fabric.

#2 Felt is cut, glued and stitched to inside lower lip,
where tie edges have been stitched together and meet at top.

Lillian the Domestic engineer

 Now add the final tiny bits of stuffing (between liner and tie top fabric)  into the head area.

Too much stuffing will cause the mouth to bulge and distort. Don't over due the stuffing here.

Hand Stitch the tie liner (at back of throat) to top of silk tie, closing off the hole.

Upcycled neck tie snake

Happiness IS homemade
Craft on!

   The Windsor Knot

            6 steps to a perfect tie                                       

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Lillian the Domestic Engineer

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