Mar 25, 2014

Easter Egg Craft

 Happy Easter! 

 Chances are good that you already have what you need in your kitchen to create beautiful Egg-citing creations!

Happy Easter Crafts
Materials Needed:Eggs
Dollar Store Delights = Hats, Eyes, Pipe Cleaners, Beads, Flowers, Feathers, Mini Puff balls, Glitter, Glue, Fabric Paint, acrylic paint, mini stickers, pom poms.
Egg Paint (recipe below)

The ultimate Easter Egg Paint Recipe
  • 1 Large Egg (raw) separated -Use Yolk only
  • Food Coloring (3-4 drops of food color) per yolk.
That's it. Mix them together and you are ready to paint. 
 This paint is non toxic.
Only mix up the paint that you will use at one sitting
 as the paint does not keep well.

Mix the paint up in a small nappy or dessert bowl. Experiment with colors and intensity by adding more or less food color and or by mixing the color dyes.
The colored paints can then be placed into the cups of a Styrofoam egg carton container and placed in the center of your work space for use by several Artists at a time.
 Use a small paint brush or your fingers to apply the paint to your creature or creation.

Prepare your EGGS.
Hard boiled Eggs are perfect for the young ones because they are easier to handle, less breakable than a blown hollow egg and can always be sent in their lunch bags for lunch the following day!

Easter Craft
Easter EGG
Hollowed Eggs
To hollow out the Eggs poke a small hole in the top and a slightly larger (small) hole in the bottom of the egg. I used a darning needle which is a bit fatter than a regular sewing needle. You may have to poke it two or three times to make a hole large enough. Don't go too big or you increase the possibilities of the egg cracking.
I then shake the egg in an effort to break up the yolk inside which does help to make it a little easier to blow out the content.

To blow out the egg put your mouth over the smallest hole and blow hard and steady. The egg content should flow from the larger hole out of the bottom of the Egg.
Once all of the contents have been blown out, carefully wash and dry the egg before painting.
The wooden stands were a perfect fit. They are candle holders that I found in the second hand store.

Get Crafty with Easter  EGGS

 EGG Citing Creations
 This Crafty Caterpillar was made with 5 hollow eggs that were painted and then hot glued together. 

A band of Gold Glitter Fabric paint was applied around the glued seams to conceal any glue that was obvious.

The antenna was made by folding a pipe cleaner in half and carefully inserting it into the large blow hole on the egg head. A drop of hot glue was applied before the insertion to ensure it stayed in place.

Caution must be exercised when handling hollow eggs.

His eyes are glued on and the mouth and nose were created with Fabric Paint after the yoke paint had dried. Mini Pom Poms were applied with a drop of hot glue to the bottom of each egg creating the caterpillars feet.

The driftwood was  perfect  for displaying the Crafty Caterpillar. He was glued to the base and the entire creation was then sprayed with an acrylic sealer. A cute keepsake to be sure.

Easter ART
 For ease of painting the hollowed egg shell,
 I created the coat hanger holders as seen in the picture.

The hook on the Coat hanger was straitened out to become the Egg holder itself. The egg is placed down onto the wire
The hanger bottom was then bent to create the stand itself.  It took a few bends to get the hangers to stand properly.

 I then put a damp cloth onto the hanger part that sat on the table itself. The extra bit of weight assisted in keeping the frame standing upright and also served as a handy wipe for the artists hands.

  For best results let each color dry before applying the next.

We employed colored glitter glue and glittered fabric paints directly on the dried painted Eggs.
 Finally each character was sprayed with an acrylic seal, giving each project a nice sheen and a protective coat.
Aren't you EGG-cited to get started?

I recently purchased a concentrated icing color at the bulk barn for use in cupcake icing for a recent summer celebration.
 Just a drop of this corn syrup based colorant provide the deepest, richest icing colors I have ever seen.
This great colorant is also very effective in cake batter itself.
I think the results could be stunning with this colorant added to the egg yolk paint.

Use your imagination when displaying your creations. I purchased the beautiful candle holders at the second hand store. I thought they made beautiful displays. The great part is that they can then be re-used as candle holders when A: the project is either dropped and broken or
                    B: when the project starts to smell several years down the road...

With little ones at work the odds of having a broken shell or two is very likely.
Turn the broken shell bits into happy accidents by coloring with pure food color or the paint yolk mixture and then gluing them onto card stock or paper art in pleasing mosaic shapes.

Wow look at this great idea....

Follow the link above to 60 EGG ACTIVITIES for KIDS

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