Feb 7, 2014

Valentines Day Card

Lillian the Domestic Engineer

These were Cards created in a class with Kids.This large card was created with a full sheet of Card Stock that I simply folded in half.
I used Water color paint to swirl on the two tones of pink paint that create the start of the flowers and then after the paint dried I used a  black sharpie to sketch on the leaves.
I love you a whole Bunch was written inside.

The little heart card in front was created from a strip of paper approx. 2 inches wide by 11 inches long. I folded it in an accordion style and tipped the tissue hearts onto the front of each of the four folds.
 My love for you goes on and on was the message inside.

The little star crayon was up-cycled from a handful of broken crayon bits. I melted broken bits of red and pink crayon together (in an old coffee can) and then poured the wax into a rubber mold I have for soap. After drying, the Star Crayon was removed from the mold. 

 The Pink and Purple Heart is a Wall Hanging
Paper Heart Craft instructions HERE

check out my Page For the Love of Crafting HERE

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