Feb 13, 2014

Polymer Clay Cane Bowls

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Craft these beautiful Polymer Clay Cane Bowls.
 Created by applying thin slices of Polymer Clay Canes directly onto a form before baking, in a regular oven at 275 degrees to a hardened finish.
 I formed my BOWLS onto little glass Nappy Bowls that I just happened to have in my cupboard. 
The "form" that you work on must be oven proof, or at least bake-ableL up to 275degrees. Once baked the bowl is cooled before being removed from the nappy bowl form.

Polymer Clay CANES
The Act of Caning is an Art unto itself. Although I have far from mastered the Art I enjoy the Act of Caning

I have arranged the slices from three different Canes to form an almost completed bowl on the outside of the glass bowl
This dish has a leaf impression  which
adds a wonderful tactile finish to the Bowl as seen in the finished bowl below
If you make the bowl by pressing the Canes onto the outside of the form that you chose, the inside of the bowl will have a high gloss finish. BUT If  you press the cane slices onto the inside of the chosen form
 then the outside of the finished bowl will have a high gloss finish. Plan according to the finished effect you desire.  
The pink and white bowl above on right is completed on the form and ready to bake. The inside of this bowl will have a glossy finish.

This dish remains one of my first and my favorite.  
The bowls should not be put in the dishwasher or submerge in hot water. They can be wiped with a damp cloth.
 I think they make lovely little Ring Dishes..

The white clay in this bowl has a Translucent Effect. 
The illuminating light that shines through the bowl is beautiful.

A Lampshade would be just beautiful.
Noted and as of now, added to my list of things to do.
Oh the things there are to do! 

In between the cane slices on this bowl, I used twisted snakes of red, metallic gold and green Polymer Clay. I was really happy with the results of this bowl.

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