Feb 7, 2014

Kitchen Back Splash

 Lillian the Domestic Engineer
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 Tile it like it is
 Kitchen Back splash 
Tile work that I started in my kitchen on a Friday evening was completed by Sunday.
After washing down the back splash I arranged and then adhered the tile bits to the wall with a dollop of clear silicone. To make sure nothing moved when I grouted, I left the designed tiles to dry first overnight.
I chose a pallet of grey, white, and pale yellow tile pieces and  used a white grout all the way around. 
I am really happy with the results.

 I set about to personalize my kitchen by immortalizing the Angel in me!
She stands beside the Space Craft I built to set her free!
Can you spot her to the left of her Spaceship below?
The Angel and her ship

The most expensive part of the entire Tile project was the grout that goes between the tiles.

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