Feb 11, 2014

Now EAR this Polymer Clay

Lillian the Domestic Engineer
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As the familiar dough ball warms in the palm of my hand,
I am moved to play..
Adding a second color of clay,
 moves the polymer to play!
With so much to make in Polymer Clay
I move you to play!
there are a million Polymer pieces waiting to be baked! 

Now EAR this...
Lillian the Domestic Engineer
Polymer Clay Earrings

Play Polymer

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I often find myself working in a hypnotic state, unaware of the passing time that helps to facilitate the creation of  imagination from the polymer in the palm of my hand.

Polymer Clay Beaded Earrings
Almost 25 years after the first feel of Polymer in my hand I continue to knead, discover, uncover and rediscover the endless possibilities of a product whose possibilities never end.
I can't think of another product that I have ever played with that manages to mingle so successfully with so many other mediums
As I warm and wiggle the familiar dough ball in the palm of my hand,
I am moved to play..

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Clay Cane Earrings

                          Fruity Fun!

         DO Drops!
Art and works of Art do not make an Artist; Sense, enthusiasm and Instinct do. -Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel

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