Feb 7, 2014

ROCK On! Crafting with kids

 Lillian the Domestic Engineer. Craft Blog

Craft your own BUGS

 While you're in diggin' up dinner send the kids out diggin' up rocks.
 The creation of these lovable little Ladybugs will keep them crafting.

Crafting with kids

Glue a Magnet to the back of the finished rock and they become
Computer Bugs
Fridge Magnets.

Line them up in your Winter Garden just for fun and play!


#1. Gather and Wash the Rocks.
 Provide a bucket of warm sudsy water, a couple of wash cloths, an old towel, a safe and allowable place to slop and a tray to lay the clean rocks into.

A Bubble wand and a small jar of dish soap can be presented after the rocks have been washed.
 adding a whole new dimension to a bucket of soapy water!
 Not to mention the added enjoyment of imagination and the potential for creatively crafting...
Perhaps that evening at the table inside they could craft up an assortment of Bubble Wands.
The possibilities are endless. Pull out your kitchen utensils and plunge them in. Try Pipe Cleaners or
 Strings and Straws.. check out the Link below for Wand and Bubble Solutions you can make at home.

 #2. Provide the Paint.
I used the Acrylic Paint that can be purchased for a Dollar a bottle. Paint the rock Black.
Let dry for 10 minutes. Paint the Red Wing shapes leaving small Black Circles showing..
You can always go back and touch up the Black circles if you need with a black sharpie.

#3. Provide the Eyes.
Glue them on. I use Arlene's Tacky Glue available at Walmart. It dries quicker and is a bit thicker than regular White LePages glue making it easier for kids to work with.. Do take care.  These eyes are small items that should not be used without supervision by children under 6.  They can be purchased in assorted sizes in packages at the Dollar Store.

 #4 Provide the Fabric Paint.
 This can also be purchased at the Dollar Store. Cut the tip off the little bottle and gently squeeze the Fabric Paint onto the rock. I created little dots of silver paint to form the Antennae. Leave to dry for at least 2 hours.

#5 Optional. Apply a thin coat of Acrylic Spray to the finished bug. Walmart has a couple of options in a can. Leave to dry overnight. (The spray does have an odor so dry overnight, in a well ventilated space..like the garage.

Enjoy yourself and your children today. 
Take time to laugh, take time to play.
 The future is not as far away as sometimes it seems to be.

These critters will age and evolve into the sweet memories of the past and a growing family.

Engage your kids imagination...Play is wonderful stimulation.

This crew of little critters have come to life with the addition of the fabric paint. 
The paint is squeezed from the tube directly onto the bug. 
The depth of the paint gives a new dimension to the critter collection.
Rock on. Craft your own bugs.
Painted rocks. Kid crafting
Craft Blog. Lillian the Domestic Engineer

Crafting with kids.

Painted rocks
                                 When the bigger kids paint
                                         the tools change
                                                              but the fun results remain.
Painting rocks
                                                                 Easter Eggs.
       Although you can't put all of these eggs in one basket, you can put all of this color on one egg.
Easter Egg painted rocks
 These oval rocks are first painted with a black acrylic paint. Using a small paintbrush the larger circles are painted on, allowing the paint to dry before the applying the smaller circle of contrasting paint.
I have used an acrylic spray to seal the finished egg rocks.

Painted EGG Rocks @ craft blog
          Paint pens could also effectively be used to create bright, stunning, fun painted rocks.

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