Feb 7, 2014

Bathroom Tile Project

Lillian the Domestic Engineer
Let a border of creatively placed tiles spiffy up your bathroom.
I had a collection of tiles in a box looking for a Tile Project  to be
and just happened to have a weekend free!
 I used some of the tiles above the shower in whole and 
 then gently hammered some of the tiles into the smaller pieces that I then used around the shower and the sink.
 I purchased 2 sheets of the mini brown tiles 12x12 inches( in the discount bin at Rona) for around 3 bucks a sheet and then removed the small brown tiles from the netted sheet to use individually. . 

 I used white grout between the tiles to match the areas together with the existing white tiles.
Grout can be bought in a multitude of colors
Shower Tiles

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Kitchen Back splash  HERE 
Fit to be tiled


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