Jan 3, 2014

Upcycled Neck Ties- I Phone Case

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Neck Tie  up cycled.
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Newly realized
neck ties.

These beautiful Neck Ties become fashionable satchels for your I Phone,  Eye Glasses,  ID and  credit cards, keys and  lipstick too!


Up Cycled tie project
Silk Ties and 100% leather strapping come together.

There are fabulous silks laying around in bins out there
all existing as undesirable neck ties waiting to be realized.

Often found in the second and sometimes even third and forth time around second hand store,
neck ties of every imaginable texture and design are bountiful.

 The leather strap can be knotted to shorten the strap to perfect the length.

Neck Tie up cycled

Wider neck ties work best for
 I Phone satchels.

The tie width accommodates the width of I Phone with case.

Lillian the Domestic Engineer

This great neck tie lent itself well to the project.

 The Grey and Silver add a depth and a classic evening feel. 

 The button takes it a step further.

This strap is made with  Hemp Cord.

DIY Neck Tie
Neck Tie Satchel
I used Velcro as a secure fastener for the satchels closing fold. This keeps the phone from falling out when you lean over. The buttons are all for show.

Neck Ties DIY

Lillian the Domestic Engineer Blogspot.ca

up-cycled I Phone case

I Phone Case - Up Cycled project

Up cycled neck tie

Up cycled project
Lillian the Domestic Engineer

Lillian the Domestic Engineer.blogspot.ca

Up cycled neck tie satchel

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Up Cycled Neck Tie Project

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