Jan 23, 2014

At the cost of staying home.

 Lillian the Domestic Engineer
 I remember life before the "Net" and what a lonely place parenting could be!
Amid the middle of the muddle you would find in the midst of me, a Mom a bit removed from reality, babbling incessantly about the need to check in on my normalicy.

 No outside input.
Nope, you just sat quietly where you were put! LOL.
No Blogs of inspiration, no Google to behold, no Facebook friends, no Twitters told.
 Bringing the "Net" to my doorstep brought the word to me along side a web of information that dared to overwhelm. I suddenly feared the input of the worlds output.

A day in the life of a Domestic Engineer ain't what it used to be...ain't what it used to be.
 And then along came I-Phone....
 Had my fear subsided in the face of never being alone or had it grown into the joy of being at home?
Perhaps I should Google that with the free app that claims to know?
 You are not alone the phone flashes at me, this is Suri, Talk to me!
The world sits no longer idly by seeing things in black and white...

Life is in living color!

 Get busy in the company of physicality.. laughing, crafting, mastering and mess making!
The Art of making messes blogs me today! At the cost of staying home, I am able to play.
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Spending time in the kitchen has always been a great place to play
Life has been full , Life has been fun
living the science of messes as the Mother of 4 Sons!i

The greatest Science FUN you can have in your kitchen is inexpensive and never grows old.

This slimy goop has always and ever been a hit at my house.
In fact not long ago a bowl of Oobleck was shared at the kitchen table amongst teenage friends!
A full box of Corn Starch was dumped into a large metal bowl to which approximately 1/3 cup cold water is added and stirred to a liquid looking consistency. Drops of food color can be added to the mixture creating wonderful effects
The green is great for Halloween but then so is the red.

The potion is a liquid in motion and a solid at rest. It's Science in the Kitchen and time well spent..
 It's too cool not to feel. Go on, do it,  Put your hands right in!
 Left to dry and then re-bagged the Oobleck can be stored and reactivated at a later time( time after time)by simply adding more water.
It does drop and plop in bits and pieces here, there and everywhere but once dried you can pick up the drops and plops (with a sheet of paper and a swift scoop) and put them back into the bowl or bag. You can quickly wipe up ( the kids and the counters) with a wet cloth and be onto the next thing.

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