Aug 14, 2013

We chose the path we take.

Lillian the Domestic Engineer      

 Each day we put one foot in front of the other 
 moving forward and making choices.
We chose the path we take.  

 As we Search beyond the desire to fill our heart 
with things that fill our spaces.
 We choose the path we take. 

 Choosing the route that changes minds
 happens amid the passing of time 
and a day in the life of decisions.
 We choose the path we take. 

Faces on the corner of a one way street
struck by the souls of people they see
 Staring blankly past their ability to stop and speak to reality

 We choose the path we take.

 I heard a beautiful Ah Ha moment the other day. 
This fellow had come across a homeless man whom he chose to address. He asked the man if there was something that he could get for him, to which the elderly, homeless man replied,
"I'll take a handshake!" as he gave a smile.

The gift of respect for his humanity far out weighed his physical needs. 
Stop to smell the roses today from wherever you be.

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