Jan 31, 2013

I know, I know it's 40 Below..

I know, I know it is 40 below
  but the SUN will shine

          This I know!
Check out this gorgeous IGLOO 
 made of beautiful handmade ice bricks.

        IGLOO Visit to the North!

 Try freezing colored water into balloons. 
Once the Ice Ball is frozen remove the balloon
 and display the glass ball as desired.
 They are gorgeous to see in the sun. 
Dress up your deck, your yard, your winter day.



 the Beauty of a winters day

  the colors of winter play


 the light on a January day

Take my breath away!

Have yourself a beautiful day                                                                
Don't forget to go out and play. 
 Take out a spray bottle filled with warm water and food coloring. Take out two or three, all different colors! 
A perfect use for those terrific squirt bottles that I personally hate to throw away.
 Go on SPRAY Momma SPRAY!
I think a wonderful Guinness Record challenge would be to create the longest colored Snow Ball Caterpillar!
If each of 500 kids rolled up and spray painted a snowball it would take no time at all!
 Perhaps the kids at a school near you are up 
                                                                                              to the challenge?

  All from the start
                of a Snowball 

These backyard balls were a blast to make
 and a joy to meet!


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