Dec 27, 2012

Deck the Halls

                                          Lillian the Domestic Engineer                                                            Knock, Knock, Knocking

Decorative Door Knocker

These Door Knockers are wonderful little "Last minute" Gift Ideas. 
I started with an assortment of balls and then dug into my seasonal drawer
for Ribbons and Bows
Greenery and Glitter
Cords and Cards
Love and Lace.
The Door Knockers are then assembled with a hot glue gun
hung for the Love of everyone
who comes a knock, knock, knocking at your front door!

May the cool winds from an open door 
blow across your feet
and warm your heart!

Have a wonderful Holiday Season.

Door Knocker with tassel

                       I found a pair of curtain tie back cords
                      complete with these wonderful tassels
                      last summer at a garage sale for .75.
                      I used one of the tassels on my Door Knocker and thought it looked like a million dollars!

                                        Tree Ornaments
                         Another great idea for Gift Giving.

                             Styrofoam balls covered in silver Twist Ties 
                                        (Each individually poked into the ball, row by row until completely covered)

              The greenery, the fabric bow and the silver string (for hanging)
               are hot glued onto the covered Styrofoam ball.


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