Nov 14, 2012

Ready, SET, CRAFT!


      Polymer clay Earrings
This was a fun summer collection of fruits and veges that I made a couple Summers ago. 
Polymer Clay becomes bananas, apples, grapes, pizza,  cookies.
The earrings posts and the brooch pins were glued to the back with an Epoxy after the finished product has been baked.

Did you know 

-if you take your Bananas apart when you get them home from the store they will last longer
      -Bananas connected at the stem ripen faster.

 -that if you peel a Banana the way a primate does, from the bottom up that you won't have to pick the little stringy things away

                                                                                 An Apple a day
Polymer Clay
 I craft like I cook. Orderly and tidy.
I clean, wipe, stack, sort and pile along the way so I never have to look behind me and say "Oy Veh"
(as my Grandmother used to say)  I can move forward with the business of getting it done knowing that all the wiping in my space has been done.
I think it also helps to keep my mind clear. Cluttered or messy space = cluttered or messy mind!

I also like to arrive at the end of a project feeling like I have a moment to celebrate...time to admire my accomplishments!
Never mind  that at any given moment, at the opening of the front door, I can be sidetracked and distracted by the hub of entering activity and the familiar sounds of
"Hey Mom, this broke. Can you fix it for me....? 

 Work in a clean,organized, well lit space. Its a healthier, happy place.
  Keep your tools clean and your conscience clear! Keep your imagination alive and your Polymer near!

Go get it. Do It! Be It! Love It. Feel IT!
But above all else just do it!
Have fun in your Crafting Day!

Laugh, Smile, Be Happy and Play!
Have you hugged your kids today?  I grab a hug from mine any time I am able,which is usually at the front door of a departure or at the kitchen table after my kids have politely thanked me for their dinner.
Grateful they have grown to be warm and polite I'll also get a hug from them before they bed tonight.
And as I lay my weary head on my freshly changed pillow case, I know that I love them all more and more each day...

You already have all you need at home, to Craft with Kids!
Just short of Inspiration?

Check out Amazon Book Ideas and Prices!
And then open the craft boxes, pull out the junk drawer, grab some juice lids and Styrofoam, newspaper, berry baskets or a loaf of bread! Put on your Crafting Cap and play merrily.

MY MY Martha, where the creativity never ends! 

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