Nov 22, 2012

Light up your life!

Light up your life!
  Yes, you CANDLE
 Melt and pour Gel Candles
The hardest part of making these Gel Candles
 is deciding which design you'd like most to make.
 Limited only by your Imagination

 I created this Christmas gift melt and pour Gel Candle in a wine glass
 that I had previously hot glued onto a dinner plate. Both of which I purchased for a song at a Garage Sale the summer before the season I needed it.
 You have to put enough Hot Glue to build up the area between the plate and the bottom arch of the stem so don't be shy on the glue. Any glue that does seep out from under the base can easily be covered with theme or seasonal additions.
 I shop for Seasonal Additions all year long.   
 Keep your eyes open and your imagination alive when considering the bargain box at the end of the drive 
Spring and Summer Garage Sales are great opportunities.  

I opted to leave this Chocolate Almond scented Gel Candle as a natural Clear Gel but a large selections of Scents and Colors are available for personalizing your gift.
Silver sparkles in this Gel added to the glitter of the gold foliage and baubles.

Try Gel Candles in tea cups and saucers.
Personalize, sensationalize and realize!
Unique Wedding Favors  
 A wonderful winter project for a perfect summer Wedding

  Kid COOL Too! The prospect of making a candle this cool
may even prompt a rummage or a cleaning of their rooms.
Any broken or single earrings, small balls, bells, hard plastic characters or trucks, rocks, coins,or other cleanup stuff can be creatively used to lighten things up!
gelwax1.jpg     lemongel_small.jpg                              
How to make your own
                             Gel Candle in 6 easy steps!

There is so much to be done!
Sometimes you need a little magic in your life, and that is what Kate Benbow created when she made this tiny fairy doors appear in her home. I saw this on Design Sponge and was delighted to see a non-functional project that was made for the sole purpose of creating a splendid moment of joy for someone. How lovely and fun.



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