Nov 29, 2012

Angels amongst us

                                                                        Angels amongst us
Guardian Angel
 Aren't these Precious!

 I made these Angels to hang
from the rear view mirror of your car.

Not large enough to obstruct your view
but big enough to reflect beautiful light
from the Chrystal beads back to you!

Heaven sent, I'd say so!

The hands are all moveable

Coral Rose Marie
                                  Lady Lillian

Angels are amongst us

 I found my inspiration for these precious Angels
 in a little book I found at a garage sale.

The book originally came as part and parcel of a
KLUTZ Kit.  The "FAIRIES" kit by Rachel Haab
was missing all materials to make the Angel but I did now have
a wonderful little book, complete with photographs and detailed instructions on how the Author went about making her Angels.

It just so happens that the Author is a 13 year old (at the time of publication) who lives in Springville, Utah.
Taken directly from the back of her book
-She loves playing soccer, drawing and creating things. She hopes to become a children's book illustrator someday.
"My brother, sister and I make miniature houses, and I decided to make an easy bendable Fairy to live inside. With this book I want to share the fun I had making them."

Wonderful Brooches
I have done these Angels up in a slightly smaller flower petal and glued a pin on the back.
They really are beautiful brooches.

Lillian the Domestic Engineer. All right reserved

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