Oct 12, 2012

When Ducks Squawk?

Lillian the Domestic Engineer

This Ducky Craft is as easy to make
 as he is to love.
  I was hoping to find yellow cups for this Spring project 
but could only find red cups in the Dollar Store. 

  Red Ducky Cup, so he be!
A great Craft for Kids of all ages!

Because these cups were fairly flimsy, a second cup was glued and inserted inside the first after gluing the feet (in this case) to the inside of the outside cup.

 We used Fun Foam to cut and create the feet and the beak. There are all sorts of pre cut shapes that you can purchase. Have fun. Seasonalize! 
The Bows and the eyes were purchased in a package. All were glued on using White Glue.

Most of the Kids in this craft class were less than 5 yrs. old 
so we didn't get too elaborate but you could certainly be as fancy as you want to be....
Stick a feather in a hat and add a wool mustache!  Add eyes that bounce and move when your duck squawks? Write all over him Squawk Squawk Squawk..

A hole is poked at top and center, going through both of the cups.
 A pointed pair of scissors and adult assistance may be required. 

You will need (approx 18 inches) of cotton string. The string that seems to sing the best is the white string the butcher's use. 
Feed one end of the string up through the hole in the cups.
More adult assistance may be required here. 

 Tie a knot in the string on the outside, top of the cup. This knot must be big enough to keep the string from being pulled back through the hole. Good tension is also required to make the Duck Squawk.
 Your now ready to make your duck squawk! 

First you must dampen the string. Hold the cup upside down and drop the entire string into a bowl of water. Pinch and squeeze out excess water.
 Turn the Duck right side up and hold the cup out in a steady position. Pinch the dampened string at the top between your thumb and Peter pointer and gently pinch as you drag down the with the string between your finger and thumb.
                                                         That's it!     
              Did your Duck squawk?        Did you giggle? 
 Remember that practice makes perfect so if your Duck didn't squawk the first time, try it again.
You know I saw an adult version of exactly the same thing on a Discovery Television Program not too long ago. (Proof kids of all ages will enjoy this project )
 He had made his with a large size coffee can and was traipsing about the frozen north country in Alaska somewhere with his wet string, canny thing, calling Moose! I kid you not. It actually sounded like a Moose.
 A great Craft for Kids of all ages!!!

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