Jul 8, 2012

Take me home...

Take me home...
country road.
 Lillian the Domestic Engineer
Heading out of the city I drive South for 20 min. at 120 kph. on a super 6 lane freeway before finally exiting West into the sunset and onto a secondary highway.
At any point along this 18 km home stretch of road I can and often will head North for a mile up to the first Range Road where I then make a left to continue Westward home.
Off into the sunset!

In spite of the dust that will be kicked up and seep into every orifices on my little cars body, I continue down the gravel road sucking it up so to speak, cruising at 40 kph with two windows open; Good old fashioned Air- conditioning as my Dad used to say.
The outside albeit hot, humid summer air circulates in and out the vehicle also working as an effective air re-conditioning system, clearing the interior air and the dust from my visibility!
I continue contentedly in spite of it all

Over bumps and around rocks, through pot holes and around ruts,
As fast as I feel
as slow as i need
the travel out here is just my speed!

No congestion at the corner, no honking needlessly, no squealing brakes nor people fingering me. No beeping GPS, no rushing EMS, no pushing ETS....
no distractions, no distress, no road rage to confess!

Country Road take me home to where I belong... 
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