Nov 11, 2011

Can't see the forest for the people?

I cannot say
where have all the flowers gone... 

Lillian the Domestic Engineer
I can declare
where have all the people come from?

7 Billion people on Earth!


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 Do I only see the flowers
 for the disappearing trees,     
 through a thinning forest that dares
 to take my breath away?
 We must mind
 and our matters. 

Window Splash

  While admiring
the colors in the setting sky
do we question the intensity
of the hows and whys?

We must stop
and look to see
 that density is not always pretty.

 Life evolves on Earth.
 Earth revolves
 the choices we make.

 Can we save the forests of  history
 by simply choosing to act naturally?

 Can we re -seed the forest with new trees 
 by planting the seeds of a future
 that we would choose to see?

In the space of 7 million humans.. being
I have grown a weird feeling
that perhaps our good intentions have been lost
 in a forest of people.

It must matter
 where we are going. 


Sep 18, 2011

Well I'll be Jeweled!

Well I'll be Jeweled!
 Lillian the Domestic Engineer

 Recycled, Remade and Re-worn Jewelry

 Hand Made Bead Earrings

 As an avid, admittedly addicted, long time consumer of the java bean
 I was thrilled to find a necklace compiled of hand made, clay mug beads.
 It was a heavy necklace loaded with the clay coffee mug beads that were wound  into an ensemble with silver and turquoise beads.
I paid 6.00 for the necklace!
I re used the mug beads on some of the earrings below.

Coffee Cup Earrings

  I will never cease to find inspiration in the jewels that abound
      New or used... all are treasures found.
                                  Glass Bead Bracelet
                                     threaded and worn

Bead onto Memory Wire

I love that the freedom of creative expression 
can be incorporated into Art that you can wear. 


Mini frame Magnifisized!