The Incredible KD Cloth

The Original, incredible KD Cloth. 

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This little BE ALL- END ALL cloth is the best investment you will make this year.

There are a lot of lint cloths on the market out there that claim 
to be the one, the best or the original but put to the test,
they simply do not produce results as good as the Incredible 
KD Cloth. 

I work in the business of home care and have tried almost all
 of the competitors cloths.

Each and all of them have performed pretty much as I expected.
Not well! They all leave streak marks, water marks and little tiny bits of lint behind. I found the colored cloths to be especially bad in the lint dropping department.

I had not heard of the Incredible KD Cloth (They are not sold in stores) until a friend of mine offered to sell me a KD Cloth on behalf of her friend.
Naturally I was curious and did purchase three KD Cloths.
I was happily surprised and overly impressed with the results of 
my purchase.

I finally found what I had been looking for. The incredible KD Cloth is exactly that, incredible. 

I use mine for faucets, counter tops, glass, mirrors, doorknobs, hockey visors, eye glasses, windshields, IPads, Computer screen, Tv, all electronic equipment surfaces. 
I have used nothing that compares except maybe a real "Shammy" see below

I keep a KD Cloth in the car for cleaning my windows inside as well as for wiping dry my windshield and my car after washing it. 
You start wiping with a dry cloth and simply wring out the excess water from the cloth as necessary to continue wiping until dry.  
 Dry, streak free, shiny car!
 You will be impressed with the end result.

The KD Cloth feels and performs a lot like a leather shammy for  less than half the cost!
The KD Cloth can be washed with your regular wash. Hang to dry.
Do not wash with towels or add bleach any fabric softener to the wash. KD Cloth is guaranteed for 1 Year.
If you are not completely satisfied with  your Cloths simply return within 7 days for a full refund.

 Chamois leather (British pronunciation: /ˈʃæmwɑː/ or American pronunciation: /ʃæmˈwɑː/) — sometimes known as a wash-leather or by the trade name "Shammy" (/ˈʃæmi/) — is a type of porous leather that is favored for its gentle, non-abrasive composition and absorption properties. It has a range of uses: Chamois Leather

  Once you order, receive and try your KD Cloths you will 
come to see to the total value of what you have purchased.

The KD Cloth totally eliminates the need for paper towel and window or glass cleaner of any kind. The KD Cloth is just amazing for inside and outside window washing. A bucket of hot water and a  KD Cloth will produce the cleanest possible window you can attain. I kid you not!

The KD Cloth is guaranteed for 1 year for use at home and 6-8 months of commercial use.

 I like to cut one KD Cloth into quarters so I can tuck one piece in my handbag and another in my glove box for my glasses and sunglasses. I also keep one where I charge my phone so I can give the screen a wipe, at least once daily.

Because of my belief in and the benefits of the
 Incredible KD Cloth
I have become an agent for this awesome product.
I guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with your KD Cloth simply return within 7 days of purchase for a complete refund.
 I believe you will love this product. 

 Get one for every one on your list.
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"A few months ago you asked me to try one of your KD Cloths. You said to use it on everything. It looked like a piece of flannelette. I wasn't impressed but I trusted you to not waste my time, so I took the cloth, rinsed it well and went to work to test it. I used it on the mirrors, the wall tiles,glass, chrome,leather, etc.etc. I could not believe my eyes!! I have been professionally cleaning for about 15 years and have spent a small fortune on the so called "miracle" cloths but I have truthfully never used anything like the INCREDIBLE KD CLOTH.It has literally cut my work and costs in half. These cloths are truly incredible.
My deepest appreciation for introducing me to the KD Cloth. I tell everyone I know about them." Thanks again.
Marilyn Dalton-Warren

"Your cloths have made a real difference in the way our company cleans. Before using KD Cloth 
cleaning glass was a real time consuming process. We had first to wash the window and then dry it and finally remove any streaks. Now it is truly a one step process. Just wipe and walk away! I have confidence in the cleaning ability of this cloth and we don't even have to but glass cleaner anymore."
Dow Janitorial Contractors
Joseph Dow

Thank You for your interest in this incredible product.
Don't delay. Get your own KD Cloths today! 
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