Feb 15, 2015

Wired for Display

 Craft away!

Craft a Wire Picture Stand

  These Great Stands are made

 using 9 gauge, coated bottom wire for chain link fencing.
 Use of pliers are required to bend wire.

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 *Lists *Note Holders.

Coat hanger wire will work but a heavier wire is preferred.
Use a coated wire hanger for a finished look.
OR try spray painting the wire for an awesome effects.
 Spray after forming the stand to avoid scraping off paint with pliers.

 For the added adornments
 you are limited by the diameter of the wire. 
The hole in the adornment must be big enough to fit over the wire.
Above I fed on beads and jewel baubles.

I created paper beads to thread on which were coupled with plastic beads
in the knotted and looped stands above and below.

The stands are all created with a single length of wire.

Potato Stamp Card

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