Jan 31, 2015

Valentine Potato Stamp DIY

One potato, two potato
Let your LOVE grow this Valentines Day

Straight from the Heart
Potato Print Valentine Day Card

  ..one step at a time.

Potato Prints
These are easier than pie and simpler than Borsch to make.

 #1. Select and slice a raw potato in half.
You could slice on the long side for a larger working area.
Potato Print

Valentine Craft

#2. Using the tip of a small parring knife,
slice/ outline the design into the top,
cutting into the potato about 1/4 inch deep.
Keep the design simple.
 The area you do not cut away becomes your stamp.

#3. Slice a 1/4 inch slab off the potato,
cutting all the way around.
being careful to cut just up to the knife outline of your design.
Remove the slice, taking care not to disturb the design edge.

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#4. Detail can be added to your basic stamp
shape at this point.
Using the tip of the knife,
carefully cut out detail by slicing down into
the potato. 

Potato Print Craft

Valentine Potato Stamp DIY

Your Potato Stamp is now ready to be printed.
Water based ink stamp pad are fine for many projects.

I used a green ink pad first
and then just tipped the leaf end areas
 onto a blue ink pad. 

#5. Press and gently wiggle the potato stamp onto the ink pad. Remove and press the inked potato stamp onto your card, taking care not to wiggle it.
Press firmly and hold  for 20 seconds.
Lift the stamp directly and away from the paper to avoid smudging or rubbing ink elsewhere.

 Embossing powders can be added for a professional looking finished effect.
Find it in craft stores.

#6. Sprinkle Embossing powder onto the WET inked print of your stamp.

#7. Shake excess embossing powder off onto a clean sheet of paper
 so it can be easily funneled back into the container for re use.

#8. Gently press the back of the card against a warm iron.
The tip of a knife can be used to press the card.
Hold for 30-40 seconds or until embossing powder has been heated. This will help set the Embossing glitter in place.

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Happy Valentines Day

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